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How I built and presented my conference talk on the iPad

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How I built and presented my conference talk on the iPad

After I drowned my pc proper prior to a conference, I needed to flip to the iPad Pro.

In my center, I understand that my electronics are unthinking, unfeeling machines. I recognize this. But it is exhausting to not imprint a bit emotion now and then. When my antique iPhone took a dive towards the floor the night after Apple introduced its successor, I questioned: "Does it comprehend it's being changed?" I have no idea should you've ever skilled this, however it sort of feels like the digital similar of 'Goodbye World' with an aspect serving to of 'Forget getting your complete resale worth on Gazelle, you jerk'.

This would possibly simply give an explanation for my simultaneous horror and inside monologue remaining week, while my MacBook Air made up our minds to take a tub in an open box of bottled water. And whilst it wasn't a disatrous spill (as beverages-on-computer systems move), I used to be out in public, and could not do a radical cleansing nor drying. When I attempted to plug my Air in later that night, no cube: My pc used to be toast, one week prior to I used to be scheduled to fly out and provide at a conference.

I debated a pair other choices, together with the embarrassing considered dragging my bad waterlogged pc to the Genius Bar or grumpily shopping for a 12-inch MacBook alternative, however made up our minds towards each. I merely did not have sufficient time.

Something I did have in my arsenal, on the other hand, used to be an iPad Pro — an iPad Pro I've been doing a lot of work on lately. But it is simple to be ok with the use of the iPad as your primary moveable pc in case you have each a pc and an iMac local to again you up. It's a wee bit extra nerve-wracking while you must fly 3000 miles throughout the united states of america, end construction your presentation, provide stated presentation, and cover an Apple Event — all with an iOS software.

Like lots of my different iPad experiments, it is not that I had any loss of religion in my Pro's skill to accomplish those duties — however as a result of they have been duties I'd by no means performed sooner than, I must re-be informed my whole procedure. Gulp.

How to construct a presentation on iOS

One factor, up-entrance, I need to be tremendous-grateful for: iCloud and the iWork apps. While each have their faults, it used to be iCloud that held my in-growth Keynote document, fairly than my destroyed pc, and starting stated document up in Keynote for iOS used to be simple-peasy.

I've built the occasional fast Keynote presentation on my iPhone sooner than, however the ones have been ten minute, 10-slide talks with textual content and a pair screenshots; this used to be a 40+-slide deck I deliberately needed to refactor and rebuild all through the talk. (I spoke on the ultimate day of Yosemite's 4-day conference, and my "tales"-pushed presentation contained illustrations of the earlier audio system as they existed throughout their talks.)

The just right information is, Keynote is strangely tough on the iPad. You can upload, cast off, and edit slides for your center's content material, come with transitions and builds, write presenter notes, and use keyboard shortcuts to hugely accelerate the procedure.

I had a video I sought after to show in my talk — one I unfortunately hadn't introduced to my presentation ahead of my Mac died. Luckily, I had the video stored to my Dropbox; from there, it used to be a easy procedure to insert it right away into the slide.

I additionally very much relish Keynote's beef up for Split View: It allowed me to write down my complete talk in 1Writer and paste my notes in, slide-via-slide, with no need to incessantly transfer app perspectives.

There are just a few nitpicks I have with construction Keynote decks. First, the templating procedure is extra restricted, and you'll be able to't in reality create new grasp topics and slides, or amendment history colours. You can reproduction and paste already-styled slides, nevertheless it makes really customizing your topic a little of a ache.

I additionally could not have the ability to construct non-transition animations: For example, taking an already-displayed photograph and zooming in to a selected a part of that symbol. It might be imaginable in Keynote, however I discovered myself stymied and with little time to investigate doing it correctly.

How to offer with Keynote for iOS

Presenting on the iPad used to be my largest fear at the conference. Save for making a couple of doodles in Paper all through the school elegance I train, I've by no means performed it; now, I used to be approximately to street check doing so at a spot I'd been invited to return talk, for a company I appreciate lovely extremely.

I personal each VGA and HDMI adapters for the Pro, so I knew I may just attach it to the projector, however that wasn't my actual fear. I used to be terrified approximately my presenter notes.

Keynote for OS Y has a fantastic array of presenter presentations that you'll be able to organize in as regards to any means imaginable that display your presenter notes along side your slide deck, and I've made nice use of them in the earlier. According to an Apple support doc, the iOS model additionally helps a few perspectives, however I could not preset it or configure my exterior show till I plugged my iPad into the podium. PANIC.

Now, I knew the first 3rd of my talk lovely smartly, however I'd rewritten the ultimate -thirds just about that week to coincide and construct off talks given via the earlier audio system. I wanted my presenter notes. There used to be no compromising on this.

Since I could not check my iPad till presentation time, I resorted to creating a couple of backup plans: I gave my Keynote document to a family member with a Mac — simply in case — and debated operating my presentation in Split View with 1Writer open. In concept, the Keynote presentation mode would not reflect the 2d app, however I did not recognize needless to say.

Come setup time, then again, I used to be pleasantly reassured to seek out that I wanted none of my backups. The VGA hookup labored completely. Keynote's presentation mode allow me view my slides and presentation notes similarly, aspect-to-aspect, and it allow me run any other app in Split View with out showing it on the projector simply in case.

If you are taking into account going iPad-just for construction and offering your talks, listed here are a couple of guidelines I picked up after this test.

1. Test your presentation in advance

If you've got the suitable Lighting adapters — and you will have to — you will have to check them at your home and arrange your presenter show prematurely. Give your self the peace of thoughts I did not have. (But, as I discussed in advance, in the worst case, you'll be able to all the time depend on Split View.)

2. Turn off Auto-Lock

Your iPad actually does not like now not being touched — and in contrast to a Mac's sleep cycle, an iPad will close off once 5 mins after its final contact enter. Instead, amendment your personal tastes in Settings > General > Auto-Lock to Never ahead of your presentation, and you do not need to fret approximately your iPad slumbering off by chance.

3. Use your iPhone as an exterior Keynote far flung.

It's actually easy to set up your iPhone to use as an external remote, and it assists in keeping you from again and again tapping or swiping on your iPad's display to develop your slides. This additionally lets you transfer round the room or on the level and now not get chained for your tablet and the podium.

iOS shows are imaginable — and lovely simple!

I got here clear of this revel in lovely pumped approximately iPad providing: There have been moments of panic, sure, however now not in reality all that many greater than construction a talk on my Mac; they have been simply other moments.

Even higher, if you do not want to (or can not, for process-similar purposes) found in Keynote, the iPad helps each PowerPoint and Google Slides. I typically favor Keynote of the 3, however I need to admit, I used to be lovely inspired through PowerPoint for iOS while I ultimate performed with it.

I've owned the iPad Pro for 4 months now. It's felt extra and extra like a real pc alternative on a daily basis, however this so much up to date commute pressured me to regard it like one — and now not depend on my Mac in case issues were given bushy. I'm in point of fact satisfied to record that the Pro handed this check with flying colours; getting thru this ordeal additionally has me much less fearful approximately masking Apple's adventure on Monday, too.

Like I've stated in each and every article I write approximately the Pro, simply because I've discovered it to be a perfect pc alternative doesn't suggest that the similar shall be actual for you. Your task or lifestyles necessities may well be hugely other from mine, and that is advantageous! I'm masses unhappy approximately dropping my bad MacBook Air, and will almost definitely get some other Mac pc in the long run for the duties my iPad nonetheless does not relatively have a take care of on acting (I'm taking a look at you, podcasting).

But as the months cross, I'm feeling much less and much less panic at the considered going iPad Pro-most effective on the street. It knocks virtually each and every process I pitch out of the park, and that is nice information for the long run of computing.


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