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Horipad Ultimate vs SteelSeries Nimbus: Which Apple TV Game Controller Should You Buy?

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Horipad Ultimate vs SteelSeries Nimbus: Which Apple TV Game Controller Should You Buy?

When two controllers are such a lot alike, how do you determine which one you will have to purchase?

There are a handful of recreation controllers which might be particularly designed for Apple TV — this is, they've no less than one or two buttons which might be assigned to the Apple TV's interface. The most productive two in the marketplace are the Nimbus by means of SteelSeries and the HoriPad Ultimate by means of Hori. They are so extremely identical in taste and contours that you just begin to surprise which one you will have to purchase. It truly all comes down to non-public personal tastes. Here's a record of the options which might be identical and other and the way that interprets to which Apple TV controller you will have to purchase.

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The appear and feel

With regards to the bodily form and button strain of the Nimbus and Horipad Ultimate are very identical, however there are a couple of minor variations that will have a significant have an effect on in your gaming enjoy.

Button positioning

It is a very delicate distinction, however the Nimbus D-pad, joysticks, and ABXY buttons are all a fragment of an inch nearer to achieve than the Ultimate. It is this sort of small distinction that I will't even determine the place the scale range. I feel it has one thing to do with the width of the grips. The Horipad Ultimate's grip is a slight bit fatter, which makes your thumb's succeed in only a tick longer. In case your fingers are at the smaller aspect, the buttons at the Nimbus will really feel extra herbal to you. If you have got a pleasant sized palm, the Nimbus would possibly really feel somewhat cramped.

The shoulder triggers at the Horipad Ultimate are barely upper than the triggers at the Nimbus. The variation is nearly indistinguishable, however it is there. If you have got quick arms, the triggers at the Nimbus are a bit of extra comfy. If you have got the ones pianist arms, the Ultimate is a greater have compatibility.

The shoulder buttons at the Horipad Ultimate, oddly, have a better succeed in than the shoulder buttons at the Nimbus. This additionally has to do with the scale of the grip, however it is attention-grabbing that it is the reverse of the opposite button positioning.

Total, with regards to button positioning, in case your fingers are at the smaller aspect — in case your arms are a bit of shorter or your arms don't seem to be in particular large, the Nimbus will really feel extra herbal. If you have got lengthy arms, large arms, or believe your fingers to be at the greater aspect, the Horipad Ultimate goes to suit you higher.


The grip is one of the crucial other bodily facet of every controller. The Nimbus grips are lengthy, jut out directly from the bottom with just a slight downward perspective, and wouldn't have any variation within the width. They are rounded and thick.

The Horipad Ultimate's grips are somewhat shorter, have a noticeable downward slope, and feature variation within the width, beginning with an overly fats backside (the place your palm and ring and pinky arms would relaxation) and scaling down the place your center finger would naturally take a seat.

Principally, the Horipad Ultimate has higher ergonomic form, however the Nimbus has extra space for all your arms.

So far as grip is worried, the Horipad Ultimate works higher for folks with fingers which might be common or barely smaller than common. The Nimbus has extra space for greater fingers, however much less ergonomic construction.

Button strain

Button strain is indubitably a non-public choice. Some folks like a stiff button that truly feels find it irresistible's operating. Others want a free button that makes it really feel like you might be urgent quicker.

The ABXY buttons and the D-pad on each the Horipad Ultimate and the Nimbus are just about equivalent, with the Nimbus having an ever-so-slightly looser strain.

The place the principle button strain distinction is noticeable is within the shoulder triggers. The Horipad Ultimate triggers have considerably extra resistance when pressed, providing you with extra strain to paintings with. The Nimbus buttons are decidedly free and do not use a lot strain in any respect.

So far as the principle buttons are involved — the D-pad, joysticks, and ABXY buttons — there is not any distinction. In case you are cause satisfied, notice that the Horipad Ultimate is the select for lovers of stiff button strain and the Nimbus is best for lovers of low button strain.

The efficiency

So far as pairing is worried, I discovered that the Nimbus was once about one-step quicker at putting in place proper out of the field. The Horipad Ultimate required me to if truth be told press the Bluetooth button so as to make it discoverable, whilst the Nimbus was once found out the instant I grew to become it on.

I attempted trying out each controllers out on a variety of different games so as to examine response and latency. Seems, there is no such thing as a distinction in any respect. If efficiency is your maximum essential fear on the subject of a controller for Apple TV, you might be now not going to peer any issues of both. They each use Bluetooth 4.1 and wouldn't have any problems with buttons now not operating or triggering overdue.

The battery existence

SteelSeries claims that the Nimbus will provide you with 40 gaming hours earlier than desiring a recharge.

Hori claims an 80-hour battery existence, despite the fact that it isn't made transparent whether or not that suggests 80 gaming hours or 80 hours of standard use (like for navigating tvOS, too). As of this writing, I have now not absolutely examined the battery capability of the Hori's declare of 80 hours, however I will say with relative self assurance that the Nimbus does hover at about 40 gaming hours.

Instrument compatibility

Every other position the place each the Horipad Ultimate and the Nimbus are just about equivalent. They're each suitable with Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. They each use a Lightning-to-USB charging cable (which is now not incorporated, so you can wish to use the person who comes together with your iPhone or iPad). They each attach for your gadgets the use of Bluetooth and pair just about the similar manner.

If having a recreation controller this is universally supported throughout all your Apple gadgets is maximum essential to you, the Horipad Ultimate and Nimbus are the similar.

Who will have to purchase the SteelSeries Nimbus?

  • Regardless that the buttons are nearer in combination, which could be uncomfortable for larger-handed folks, personally, the Nimbus is the easier have compatibility for common to larger-than-average fingers. It is all about that grip. The Nimbus grips have much more room for large arms and thick arms.

  • If you have got quick arms, the Nimbus has a better succeed in to these buttons. Despite the fact that the grips are extra comfy for greater arms, the shut button configuration could be value sacrificing the ergonomic grip.

  • If you happen to want low-pressure, fast-action button urgent, the Nimbus triggers are noticeably quicker (despite the fact that the D-pad and ABXY buttons don't seem to be in particular other).
  • If you have got moderately usual get admission to to a Lightning cable, the 40 gaming hours of battery existence won't interrupt your gameplay.

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Who will have to purchase the Horipad Ultimate?

  • In case your arms don't seem to be too giant, and you might be extra happy with a rounded ergonomic grip, you are going to be happier with the Horipad Ultimate than the Nimbus. The grip duration is shorter, however truly is extra comfy throughout.
  • If you have got lengthy arms, the succeed in of the joystick, D-pad, and ABXY buttons are just a bit farther out. That is going to make your gaming enjoy extra comfy. The Nimbus would possibly really feel too cramped.
  • If you happen to like your buttons to be somewhat extra at the stiff aspect, providing you with simply the correct quantity of resistance to come up with that forged sense of motion, the triggers at the Horipad Ultimate gives you the enjoy you wish to have (despite the fact that the D-pad and ABXY buttons, don't seem to be truly any other).
  • If HoriPad's declare of 80 hours of battery existence is correct, you could believe it over the Nimbus if charging the use of a Lightning cable is an actual ache within the butt.

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Your enjoy?

Do you personal one, the opposite, or each the Nimbus and the Horipad Ultimate? Which one do you favor and why? Tell us within the feedback.


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