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Four ways Apple could make watchOS 4 even cooler and more convenient

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Four ways Apple could make watchOS 4 even cooler and more convenient

Let me give an explanation for what I need to see from watchOS 4. No, there's an excessive amount of. Let me sum up!

It is onerous to consider we are already coming near watchOS 4. In as regards to a month, Apple will host WWDC 2017 in San Jose, California, and unveil what is subsequent for the Watch. The groups were arduous are paintings on it since simply after the final model shipped, so it is a little past due for want lists. However, it is by no means to past due to sum the whole thing up that I would like to peer and get a jumpstart on June!

This is my brief record.

1. Ambient time — so Apple Watch in reality works as an eye

I really like my Apple Watch dearly however one of the crucial largest ways it nonetheless falls down exhausting is... as an eye. Once I look at a standard watch, at any level, from any attitude, I will be able to nonetheless see the time. Once I look at my Apple Watch, until I rotate or raise it sharply, most commonly all I see is a clean display. And so, as an alternative of being all cool and informal, it is depraved obtrusive I am taking a look.

With watchOS 3, Apple spent a few of Watch's RAM and continual price range to offer quick-launching apps. With watch OS 4, I would love to peer Apple spend a few of that finances on ambient time as an alternative. Delicate, low-power, always-on time that we could test with out taking a look such a lot like we are checking.

2. A in moderation curated watch face retailer, as a result of Superman

Good day, iOS 10 gave us stickers, proper? The percentages of Apple opening up an Android Put on-style bazaar, the place anything else and the whole thing can also be uploaded, copyright be damned, is someplace between 0 and nil. However, the percentages of Apple offering templates so the entirety from vintage characters to the most recent films could have watch faces all their very own?

The best way Apples dealing with faces now can not scale. Including Donald Duck or Marvel Lady as one-offs simply is not workable. As an alternative, believe a couple of Watch face templates that may take particular animated photographs, and the ones photographs are to be had from inside the Watch app similar to stickers are to be had within the iMessage app. A FaceKit, as a way to talk, for watchOS 4.

3. Proactive headaches and dynamic watch faces

A few years in the past, Apple began making Siri proactive. As an alternative of looking ahead to us to invite for stuff, Siri would get started providing it up when time, location, and previous behavioral patterns indicated we would possibly need it. It is nice, and can be even higher on Watch.

For faces with the massive complication, it will be more uncomplicated — the smaller ones just a little trickier. However, believe exercises did not completely take in a scarce and precious complication slot, it merely gave the impression simply prior to the days you maximum steadily labored out, or if a faucet to message complication confirmed up while you typically signaled your vital different you have been in your method house, or in case you all of sudden noticed the Reminders complication simply while you parked on the grocery store and wanted your record.

I would not need all headaches popping in and out always, as a result of that is the trail to insanity. Simply let me pick out a complication slot or two as "proactive" and then have at it.

4. Watch Apps, take 2 (or, let extensions be extensions)

When you've got probably the most a success app platform in historical past, the whole thing seems like an app. So, it is little marvel Apple Watch attempted to imitate the iPhone and iPad style. However, a tool that is intended for short, common, necessary interactions would possibly not were the most productive have compatibility for standard binary app blobs.

Notifications paintings nice. So do headaches. Apple nailed that with the unique watchOS. Who wishes a Clock app when you'll be able to get entry to a timer or stopwatch from the watch face or by means of Siri? That is the post-app, functionality-set-free means I am hoping we see more of in watchOS 4 and past.

Your watchOS 4 wish-list?

There is a lot more I would like to peer in watchOS 4, together with Notes, Voice Recorder, Podcasts, and Information extensions so I will be able to get down and retrieve essential bits of knowledge at the pass; depended on object for multi-factor authentication; leaderboard for process sharing pals, and more. However, that is about you presently, now not me. As we head against WWDC 2017, what is height of your Apple Watch wish-list?


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