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Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Which smart tracker should you buy?

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Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Which smart tracker should you buy?

You might be in search of a health tracker and you need one of the best, however you're now not certain if you should cross with Fitbit or Apple Watch. We now have some recommendation.

In relation to comparability, it is tricky to check all of Fitbit to the singular line of Apple Watch. Fitbit's trackers come in additional than a half-dozen other shapes, sizes, and worth levels, whilst the Apple Watch technically is available in 3 (Mobile + GPS, GPS-only, and no GPS). You'll be able to't in point of fact evaluate them, spec-for-spec. You'll be able to, on the other hand, get a basic working out of what each and every logo is attempting to perform with its wearable software and make a decision which one is correct for you. If you cannot make a decision whether or not to move with Fitbit or Apple Watch, learn on.

Observe: This isn't a comparability of Apple Watch options vs Fitbit options. It makes a speciality of the health side of each manufacturers and now not the non-fitness extras.

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Health monitoring

If you're taking a look at Fitbit in any respect, it is most likely as a result of you're maximum enthusiastic about health monitoring. Each Apple Watch and Fitbit excel at holding you knowledgeable about each step you take and each beat of your middle. Fitbit has gadgets that vary in options from not anything greater than a step tracker to a full-fledged smart health software, whole with GPS, middle charge track, song garage, and extra. Apple Watch has step monitoring, middle charge tracking, GPS, song garage (and streaming with Sequence 3), and extra.

Relying on how a lot you need to spend, it is tricky to make a decision which is best for health monitoring in particular, Apple Watch or Fitbit.

Apple Watch Sequence 1 vs Fitbit Surge

Apple Watch Sequence 1 and Fitbit Surge are maximum similar in worth and lines. Here is what makes them tick.

  • Apple Watch Sequence 1 begins at $249, which is quite similar in worth to Fitbit Surge. Sequence 1 has a middle charge sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient mild sensor, and 8GB of on-board garage for apps. It does now not fortify GPS. It additionally has the advantage of the Apple App Retailer ecosystem with dozens of well being and health founded apps.

  • Fitbit Surge prices $199 and has a middle charge sensor, accelerometer, barometer, and extra. Although it does not fortify an app retailer, it does fortify essentially the most frequently used options of a smart software, like name and textual content notifications and a song playback controller.

Fitbit Surge is $50 much less at $199, however it does include much less options. In trade, it's deeply keen on workout monitoring. It even has a characteristic referred to as "SmartTrack" that routinely acknowledges what variety of exercise you're doing and logs the process to your knowledge tracker.

Although the Surge is quite more economical and has some powerful health monitoring options, it is loss of options and extra third-party app fortify make it not up to excellent at that worth level. If you need a large number of health founded and tool options, you're spending the additional cash on an Apple Watch Sequence 1.

Apple Watch Sequence 3 GPS vs Fitbit Iconic

If you've were given the finances to spend a little bit extra, Fitbit's newest smart health tracker, Iconic, is maximum similar in worth and lines to Apple Watch Sequence 3 GPS.

  • Apple Watch Sequence 3 GPS begins at $329 and has GPS, barometric altimeter, swim-proof, middle charge sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient mild sensor, and 8GB of onboard garage. It additionally has the advantage of the Apple App Retailer ecosystem with dozens of well being and health founded apps.

  • Fitbit Iconic prices $30 much less at $299 and has GPS, barometric altimeter, swim-proof, middle charge track, multi-sport monitoring, sleep monitoring, and 4GB of onboard garage. It has a devoted app gallery the place third-party developers can create health apps in particular for Fitbit, although there is not any knowledge presently what number of apps or what variety there might be.

Although the associated fee may be very similar, the Fitbit Iconic has a large number of possible to be precisely the type of fitness-focused software that some individuals are in search of. It is also were given a large number of the similar options that the typical smartwatch does, like name and textual content notifications, NFC bills, song garage, calendar indicators, and extra. With a devoted app gallery, it is imaginable that the Iconic will in point of fact hit that area of interest marketplace that health buffs were looking forward to.

If you're all-in on all health and do not care about all of the fiddly bits that include a standard smartwatch just like the Apple Watch, the Iconic is poised to transform a real smart health tracker. As of this writing, it is untested and the app gallery hasn't opened but, however the possible is superb. I nonetheless counsel the Iconic as a fitness-focused software.

Much less options and decrease priced Fitbits

If you're health monitoring wishes are smaller, like you solely need to monitor your steps, or perhaps you need to have some fitness-based extras, like swim evidence and sleep monitoring, or middle charge tracking and multi-sport monitoring, you'll in finding a few half-dozen other ranges of health trackers ranging in worth from $60 to $150. They have all were given some nice options, in my view, and are all a lot more uncomplicated at the pocketbook than an Apple Watch if the one factor you're enthusiastic about is health.


Fitbit gives 8 other health trackers ranging in worth from $60 to $300. The costliest Fitbit is less expensive than the least costly Apple Watch Sequence 3 and solely $50 greater than the entry-level Apple Watch.

If worth is your maximum essential worry, then Fitbit is your logo. You have got extra choices and a wider-ranging worth scale to suit your wishes. It isn't an all-or-nothing more or less enjoy.


Taste is a non-public factor. Everybody's tastes range. What I feel is trendy, you would possibly assume is gaudy. In my opinion, I feel the Nike Apple Watch band is bizarre, however a lot of my coworkers like it. That being stated, it is onerous to consider that Fitbit has taste in thoughts when designing its gadgets.

The slender bracelet taste Flex 2 and Alta HR are satisfactory, however now not trendy. Although, probably the most trackers will also be encased inside of extra fashion-forward equipment, just like the Flex 2, which will also be worn as a gold bracelet or pendant. The Particular Version model of the Price 2 is most probably the most efficient taking a look of the bunch.

The watch taste Fitbit gadgets are a lot too huge for most girls. They appear to be probation displays (OK, that is an exaggeration, however they are large). The Blaze has an excessively abnormal design and the Iconic in point of fact looks as if a health tracker, now not a manner accent.

Although at the identical token, some would name the Apple Watch unsightly. My highest good friend would not be stuck useless dressed in one, it doesn't matter what generation it gives.

If you're in reality a devoted follower of style, you most probably may not get a health tracker in any respect except it is one thing you'll solely put on whilst you figure out, during which case you'll need one thing more economical from Fitbit.

If you need in an effort to put on your health tracker anywhere you cross, on the other hand, you'll for sure need an Apple Watch. Pair that fancy case with an Hermès band and you'll be turning heads on the discotheque.

Sleep monitoring

If sleep monitoring is your best precedence, then your selection is straightforward: Fitbit. Apple Watch does now not have any particular for sleep monitoring. There are apps that you can obtain to lend a hand stay an eye fixed to your snoozing, waking, and resting actions all the way through the evening, however since the Apple Watch battery solely lasts about an afternoon with reasonable health actions, you'll need to take it off your wrist and fee it each evening, this means that it cannot at once monitor your sleep.

All of Fitbit's trackers with the exception of the Zip characteristic a nap tracker and silent alarm, this means that it is going to give you a buzz to your wrist within the morning so you do not get up your snoozing spouse.


This information focuses in particular at the health options of the Apple Watch and Fitbit's gadgets. However, you cannot speak about both with out no less than citing the extra options that each and every has. The Fitbit Iconic is the nearest factor to a smartwatch the corporate has. It helps downloaded song, NFC bills, name and textual content notification, and extra. There may be an app gallery with third-party apps and a guided respiring instrument to lend a hand stay your thoughts at ease. For some, that is all of the smart options they want.

Apple Watch is sort of overloaded with further options. Occasionally, you can really feel slowed down in all of the further tool you can upload to it. The general public I do know that put on an Apple Watch do not use lots of the suitable apps and most often center of attention at the health and notification choices. That being stated, the Apple Watch has masses of apps that run throughout all other classes past health, together with tiny video games you can play to your wrist.

If you solely want a couple of smartwatch options and do not need to complicate issues with a large number of further tool choices, the Fitbit Iconic is a more sensible choice for you.

If you like to play with generation and need all kinds of smartwatch choices, for sure cross with the Apple Watch.

Should you purchase a Fitbit or an Apple Watch?

Masking 5 other classes; health monitoring, worth, taste, sleep monitoring, and flexibility, here is the fast resolution.

Health monitoring

  • If you need a large number of health choices, however can solely spend about $250 on the maximum, get the Apple Watch Sequence 1.
  • If cash isn't a topic and you in point of fact need a one of the best devoted health tracker, the Fitbit Iconic goes to suit your wishes.
  • In case your health monitoring wishes are minimum, get a less-expensive Fitbit tracker just like the One or Flex 2.


  • So far as worth and diversity cross, Fitbit is the winner. There are 8 other trackers that vary in worth from $60 to $300, so you can select the one who fits you highest with out spending some huge cash on options you are not looking for.


  • Taste is a non-public factor and I will be able to't in truth inform you which is best. I do assume Apple takes vogue under consideration when designing the Apple Watch although. While vogue appears to be extra of an afterthought, at highest, with Fitbit, particularly in relation to the watches and girls. The Apple Watch is maximum for sure going to appear higher with a night robe or tuxedo than any of Fitbit's gadgets, particularly if you pair it with a in point of fact great band.

Sleep monitoring

  • Fitbit is the transparent winner on this class as a result of Apple Watch does not at once monitor your sleep. Plus, even with a third-party app, the battery lifestyles would not essentially make it thru your sleep cycle.


  • If you need a smartwatch that solely does a couple of issues, like let you know when you've won a decision or textual content and notify you of upcoming occasions, you'll be happier with the minimum options of the Fitbit. It has got the most-used options of a smartwatch with out the pointless extras.
  • If you need to play with all of the issues a smartwatch can do, after which some, Apple Watch is your logo.

Nonetheless not sure?

If, after studying our recommendation, you nonetheless are not certain whether or not you should cross with Fitbit or Apple Watch, head over to our forums and ask for some lend a hand deciding. iMore readers are probably the most maximum useful and a professional folks round.


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