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Fire Emblem Heroes: Tips and tricks to help you win battles

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Tips and tricks to help you win battles

Want help defeating your foes? The following pointers and tricks will help you win!

Fire Emblem Heroes has a very good fight gadget that flows easily and seems stunning. And whilst Nintendo did a bang-up process on making the struggle gameplay glance and really feel just right... they for sure do not give you many hints when it comes to profitable on stated battlefield.

Do not be disturbed: I am right here to help. I have accumulated some guidelines and tricks for the entirety you want to know to dominate any battle!

1. Know the Weapon Triangle

Virtually each and every weapon is tagged with certainly one of 3 colours — purple, inexperienced, or blue. Those colours are a part of what Fire Emblem calls the "Weapon Triangle." Each and every colour is robust towards one colour, however vulnerable towards some other.

As proven above, the Weapon Triangle is going as follows:

  • Pink guns are efficient towards Inexperienced guns, and vulnerable to Blue guns.
  • Inexperienced guns are efficient towards Blue guns, and vulnerable to Pink guns
  • Blue guns are efficient towards Purple guns, and vulnerable to Inexperienced guns.

Those benefits and disadvantages quantity round to a 20% injury bonus or penalty. As an example, a Purple weapon will do 20% extra injury to an enemy wearing a Inexperienced weapon, however 20% much less injury to an enemy wearing a Blue weapon.

Magical tomes even have those colours, and fall underneath the similar regulations.

Colorless guns

Some devices have what Fire Emblem Heroes calls "colorless guns" — bows, daggers, and staves are usually colorless — they seem grey. Those guns are exempt from the Weapon Triangle; they don't obtain and benefits or disadvantages as opposed to any colour.

However colorless guns don't seem to be created equivalent: Bows — which take place to be colorless — obtain a 20% injury bonus towards flying devices. Stay your Pegasus and Wyverns fixed pressure some distance clear of any archers.

2. Plan your staff

Prior to getting into a struggle in Tale Maps, the Coaching Tower, or Particular Maps modes, concentrate to your setting: The sport will give you a heads up on the kind of arsenal your enemies are packing. Now not best will you see the colours of your enemy forces, but in addition the guns they are wearing into struggle.

Within the screenshot above, you can see that the enemies in this specific map may have Pink swords, Blue lances, and Inexperienced axes.

3. Edit your workforce

If you head into fight with a right kind collection of heroes, you can shield as it should be towards enemy assaults; this will likely considerably give a boost to your probabilities of being victorious. If there are lots of enemies with Pink guns, as an example, you'll need a few Blue heroes. Likewise, in case your enemies are packing a couple of bows, most likely cling off in your battalion of flying devices.

You'll be able to edit your four-hero group at any time sooner than getting into a fight, and you may even have up to 5 groups pre-assembled: That approach, you can pick out your very best group for each and every struggle.

4. Test the assault result ahead of you strike

It may be tough to know which enemy to assault (and which hero will have to ship the blow), however the knowledge you want to achieve success is all proper on the most sensible of the display — you simply want to glance.

When you drag your hero over an enemy, the ideas bar on the most sensible of the display will inform you how a lot injury your hero will do to the enemy, whether or not or now not you have a bonus or drawback, what number of Hit Issues your hero will lose, and a lot more.

Learn about those struggle results sooner than you simply get started losing heroes all willy-nilly, and you'll be in a position to coordinate your assaults extra successfully (and mow down your enemies).

5. Regulate particular assault counters

Some battlers have particular assaults that may turn on after a undeniable selection of movements; those are represented through a pink quantity subsequent to the staff member's portrait. Any time a participant assaults or is attacked, that quantity is going down.

As soon as the counter hits 0, it's going to transform a logo, and your devices may have a pink selector round them. The following assault you release, or that is introduced towards you, will mechanically cause the particular assault.

Maximum particular assaults do bonus injury or are in particular efficient towards sure enemies, however enemies will have particular assaults too. Be careful for the ones pink numbers when making plans your assaults, it will probably imply the adaptation between a hero dwelling or demise.

6. Do not be afraid to sacrifice a hero

In contrast to many of the video games within the collection, there is not any "permadeath" in Fire Emblem Heroes. When a hero for your workforce dies, she or he are taken off the map and can't be used for the remainder of the struggle, however can be in a position to move the following time you input the battlefield.

Whilst dropping a personality all the way through a struggle is typically by no means plan A, on occasion in Fire Emblem Heroes, sacrificing a hero can also be nice.

Via shifting a hero into hurt's method, you can bait the enemy into attacking that unit. It will purpose an enemy that is out of succeed in out of your different heroes to transfer nearer, giving you the power to gang up on him together with your different heroes.

Whilst there's some inherent possibility to this tactic and it will possibly backfire if you do not plan it out correctly, it may be strangely efficient towards one of the Standard problem AI. Use with warning.

7. Use Orbs to building up your citadel

Whilst summoning heroes is crucial use of Orbs, I've discovered that upgrading your citadel early on is a particularly environment friendly use of your valuable orbs.

Why? As a result of upgrading your fort will increase the choice of revel in issues (EXP) you gather, that means you degree up your heroes method quicker.

Each and every improve to the fort boosts the volume of EXP you acquire by way of 20%. You'll be able to improve your citadel a complete of 5 occasions, giving you a 100% bonus to your earned EXP; that is double the revel in for each and every baddie you smack down!

The extra you degree up your heroes the old school approach, the less assets — shards, crystals, and the like — you may have to use.

8. Play Particular Maps to unencumber new characters

Particular Maps give you the risk to gather heroes — each new and duplicates. They serve as the similar because the Tale Maps, aside from for one primary distinction, none of your heroes can die, or you'll lose the fight.

The Particular Maps are available two difficulties — commonplace and exhausting — and relying on which one you whole, the hero you obtain can be more potent. Plus, the hero to be had to clutch via claiming victory on a different map will trade on a daily basis, so be certain that you're all the time looking out!

It is a good way to get new heroes you haven't begun to unencumber, or duplicates of heroes you have already got, which you can use to building up their attainable.

9. Create or log in to a My Nintendo account

This can be a no-brainer. If you have a My Nintendo account from Miitomo or Tremendous Mario Run, attach Fire Emblem Heroes recreation, and you'll obtain a host of loose pieces as a thank you from Nintendo.

If you shouldn't have an account already do not be concerned — you can join one proper within the recreation, and obtain the similar bonuses. Linking your account is easily value a few additional mins of your time, so do just it!

Your guidelines and tricks?

Discovered anything else in Fire Emblem Heroes your fellow readers have to find out about? Tell us within the feedback!


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