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Fire Emblem Heroes Review: A beautiful and complex addition to the Fire Emblem Series!

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Fire Emblem Heroes Review: A beautiful and complex addition to the Fire Emblem Series!

A kingdom in hassle; heroes will probably be summoned. Nintendo's latest cellular recreation is a blast from the previous charging into the long run!

Fire Emblem used to be the first recreation I ever performed on my Recreation Boy Advance SP (keep in mind that factor?) when the first recreation in the collection used to be launched in North The united states; I used to be hooked. Since my teenage years, I've long past out of my method to play each and every Fire Emblem recreation imaginable that I may just a grasp of, and whilst now not they all are very best, the collection is close to and pricey to my center.

Unnecessary to say, I've been past excited to get my palms on Fire Emblem Heroes and dive into the first ever cellular model in the Fire Emblem collection.

Play Fire Emblem Heroes today!

Tale & Environment

Considered one of the weaker issues in the Fire Emblem collection is its loss of originality when it comes to the surroundings in each and every recreation; sadly, Fire Emblem Heroes suffers this similar destiny. For the ones of you who don't seem to be accustomed to the collection. I will be able to come up with a snappy crash path. With out the use of any names, I will be able to come up with the backdrop that units up nearly each and every recreation in the collection.

A prince or princess of 1 kingdom all at once turns into the goal of some other kingdom as a result of some giant tournament — the dying in their dad or mum(s) or a calm assembly between the two countries is going awry — which reasons an all out warfare between the two nations. Then as soon as you are about 3/4 thru the recreation, the hero or heroine unearths out who's if truth be told at the back of the entire mess and you continue to kick dangerous man ass.

Fire Emblem Heroes does not spoil the mould when it comes to tale — however in any case, the recreation has been like this since 1990. Sticking with what works is probably not as thrilling as I might hope, however it does deliver that vintage Fire Emblem allure that I've come to know and love.

A authentic power of Fire Emblem has all the time been the discussion between characters, which even if Fire Emblem Heroes has much less scripting than the console video games that got here prior to it, the characters are introduced to lifestyles by way of some stellar writing.

Whilst a whole lot of characters in the recreation are getting back from older video games in the collection, the new characters — Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena — in reality shine thru as distinctive characters that growth the plot ahead. If truth be told, I've loved them such a lot, that I in finding it onerous to put in combination a fight workforce with out them, which is a wonderful signal for learners to the recreation.

"Even though Fire Emblem Heroes has much less scripting than the console video games that got here sooner than it, the characters are introduced to lifestyles through some stellar writing.

I've to believe that Fire Emblem Heroes will probably be the first time a large number of players are presented into this well-established universe and Nintendo has finished a very good task of giving freshmen two implausible logo new characters to gravitate against proper from the get move.

Worry now not Fire Emblem diehards, seeing Marth, Roy, Lyn, and different mythical heroes well-known in the Fire Emblem universe multi functional recreation will no doubt come up with the similar heat fuzzy emotions of convenience which were awarded to me right through enjoying the recreation.


As a turn-based technique RPG, Fire Emblem has lengthy been thought to be certainly one of the very best recreation collection to the use of the techniques taste of gameplay, and Fire Emblem Heroes isn't any other.

Ever since I performed Ultimate Myth Techniques: The Lion Struggle on my iPad, I knew that touchscreen controls have been optimum for enjoying on grid-based fight maps. The controls are clean and easy to use.

Contact the personality you wish to have to transfer and drag your finger over the enemy you wish to have to assault, and identical to that, the recreation looks after the relaxation. It feels so herbal It is onerous to believe I ever performed Fire Emblem the use of a directional pad to get round. Even if attacking with a ranged personality — that means you will have to be a complete sq. away — the recreation will transfer you into the right kind place to mount your assault even though it approach shifting you backward.

"The contact controls really feel so herbal. It is arduous to believe I ever performed Fire Emblem the use of a directional pad to get round."

The fluidity of the gameplay will make it much more approachable to new gamers, one thing that technique RPGs with this quantity of intensity can battle with now and then.

The trouble curve could also be a top level in Fire Emblem Heroes. Since the fight device tends to be somewhat difficult now and then, the recreation does a just right task of easing the participant into the recreation. The educational is complete sufficient for somebody to pick out up the recreation and play, permitting informal players to revel in the revel in and be challenged simply sufficient to stay issues fascinating.

Do not panic. If you are in search of a problem Fire Emblem Heroes can pack a major punch, if you building up the problem degree. So, if you are discovering the tale chapters too simple, return and check out them once more on Arduous or Lunatic mode and see how that matches your fancy.

Recreation Development

There is not any beating round the bush; Fire Emblem Heroes is packed complete more than a few pieces which might be both time-gated, onerous to obtain with out paying cash, or given to you as presents when Nintendo holds an tournament or feels additional charitable, which you'll want to get to the deep reaches of the recreation. Whilst this is not strangely in a cellular recreation the use of the freemium type in lately's global, I think like Fire Emblem could have over difficult issues via having too many pieces.

You'll be able to want Stamina issues to input battles (tale, coaching, and particular battles), 5 other types of crystals to degree up your characters — now not to point out Hero Feathers to unencumber their true attainable — and Dueling Swords to compete in the recreation's PVP mode. Perplexed but? I do not blame you.

"So far as getting thru the exact tale mode of Fire Emblem Heroes, you will not want to spend a unmarried dime if you are prepared to wait."

Fire Emblem Heroes' saving grace is that the majority (for some explanation why now not all) of this stuff may also be replenished the use of the recreation top class foreign money referred to as Orbs. In case you are the form of gamer to spend cash to develop into the highest, Orbs are what you are going to be purchasing. In my opinion, I want Orbs used to be the handiest factor I had to fear about, as an alternative of these kind of different arbitrary pieces, it simply makes the recreation appear a bit of disjointed.

There is excellent news. So far as getting thru the exact tale mode of Fire Emblem Heroes, you will not want to spend a unmarried dime if you are prepared to wait.

As I discussed ahead of you wish to have stamina issues to input battles, and whilst stamina issues are time-gated, you'll be able to handiest have to wait 5 mins to regenerate one stamina level, and one stamina level can once in a while be the distinction between enjoying and now not enjoying. I used to be pleasantly stunned that via the use of the pieces the recreation provides to you, and with out spending any actual money, I've been in a position to growth thru about part of the tale chapters with no need to put down my phone to wait.

As any person who values tale campaigns over multiplayer, I am making an allowance for this a win. Some distance too many video games have insane wait occasions, however after a few hours clear of Fire Emblem, I'm going to be in a position to take on a plethora of tale battles sooner than being pressured to take to take a destroy.

Design & Sound

In a phrase: Very best.

I do know I should not be stunned (did you spot Tremendous Mario Run?), however I used to be very apprehensive that a cellular Fire Emblem would spoil the vintage aesthetic that makes the recreation collection stand out.

All the cutscenes and discussion display all the characters of their complete anime illustrated glory and no element is neglected. The brightly coloured fits of armor, the impossibly saturated hues of hair, and the insane eye-to-face ratio of each and every personality is provide and with abundance. The Eastern anime artwork taste has been a staple in Fire Emblem video games since the starting, and Nintendo spared no expense in bringing that vintage glance to your phone.

What is going to be noticeable right away to Fire Emblem enthusiasts is the graphics throughout struggle glance moderately other, however by no means are they much less superior. The 16-bit taste sprites that populate the battlefield are stunning. Each and every personality has a singular sprite, and it is simple to inform which unit is which simply by scanning throughout the map. Even the horses and wyverns that the cavalry devices experience are simply distinguishable from each and every different.

The animations right through fight are fluid and surprising, and each and every unit assaults relatively another way making each and every fight visually entertaining from starting to finish.

The maps themselves are a tad bland — each and every one is handiest an 8x6 grid — however there's sufficient selection in the surroundings that it by no means feels monotonous.

It is not simply the visuals that may stay you invested in the recreation, Fire Emblem has all the time had a perfect soundtrack, and the cellular recreation follows go well with admirably.

You'll be able to get to listen some vintage Fire Emblem subject matters during the recreation, and some new tunes that every one lend a hand building up the pleasure each and every struggle. What inspired me sound-wise used to be the voice paintings.

"The animations right through struggle are fluid and surprising"

Maximum of the speaking in the recreation is simply in discussion packing containers, all through fight you get to listen characters make remarks as they make particular assaults and transfer round the battlefield. Plus, each time a personality is in fight they make more than a few grunts, jeers, and whines as they react to what is going on. These kind of noises and talking upload to the revel in of the recreation, supplying you with a way of being proper in the throws of struggle together with your heroes.

This will likely sound like a minor element that I am highlighting for no explanation why, however the incontrovertible fact that Nintendo cares sufficient to come with some voice appearing I feel speaks volumes to the quantity they care about this recreation. Heck, even one thing so simple as the menus right through the recreation appears pristine and in moderation crafted. Nintendo made positive Fire Emblem Heroes were given the triple-A remedy it merits.

My Advice: 👍

Fire Emblem Heroes is a stellar recreation thru and thru. Whether or not you are a fan of the long-running collection or a whole newcomer, Nintendo has superbly designed a recreation that assists in keeping each teams satisfied.

Whilst recreation development has all the hallmarks of a normal freemium recreation, akin to desiring to spend cash to succeed in the most sensible of the leaderboards or ready more than a few sessions of time to free up recreation pieces, you will not want to shell any cash out to revel in 95% of what Fire Emblem Heroes has to be offering.

Fire Emblem Heroes is visually breath-taking, and it is transparent to any person who performs it, that Nintendo put a large number of time and effort into developing this recreation, because of this I am going to revel in hanging a large number of time and effort into enjoying it.

Play Fire Emblem Heroes today!

What do you bring to mind Fire Emblem Heroes?

I would like to know what you assume! Adore it or hate it, drop me a line the feedback under or hit me up on Twitter!


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