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Felix Gray blue light glasses review: The hype is (kinda?) real

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Felix Gray blue light glasses review: The hype is (kinda?) real

Everyone knows (or can we?) that blue light is unhealthy, m'kay. However do blue light-filtering glasses paintings?

I (Mike Tanasychuk) have been affected by some cast eye fatigue for months. Each day round 3 p.m., I would get this really feel like I used to be dehydrated or had slept for 12 hours immediately (however now not in an effective way). I used to be making an allowance for choosing up a couple of blue light-filtering glasses, since I had heard about blue light's follies and figured it may well be an effective way to move.

When I used to be presented the danger to study a couple by means of Felix Gray, I jumped. In the end, they do not precisely come reasonable.

Here is my evaluate of Felix Gray's Faraday glasses.

Do they paintings?

Proper off the bat, let's simply get the query on everybody's thoughts out of the best way: Do these items in fact paintings?

The solution is sophisticated.

There is numerous speculation and poo-pooing in the case of blue light glasses, or even the American Academy of Opthamology calls B.S. That being stated, I skilled real effects. Whether or not it is a placebo impact or now not, I am noticing a transformation.

Inside 3 days of dressed in them, the 3 p.m. fatigue and complications have been long past.

I have been dressed in those glasses for approximately two weeks now, and inside of 3 days of dressed in them, the 3 p.m. fatigue and headache have been long past. This is the place the complication is available in: I paintings very first thing each and every morning, stroll my canine, then get to paintings, having breakfast about an hour later. I then drive myself to attend to consume till after 12 p.m., after which I check out to not consume till dinner. Or a minimum of, I did, till I began simply consuming after I were given truly hungry, regardless of the time of day. So I have been higher fed over the past 3 weeks. That most likely performs into my loss of afternoon fatigue, however I will be able to't say evidently.

As for serving to with sleeplessness and all that, I will be able to't truly attest. I will be able to't sleep at the most efficient of instances, and those glasses no doubt have not modified issues. So I am sorry to mention that I don't have any definitive solution as as to if or now not those glasses paintings. It will be extremely subjective and there is no cast clinical evidence that they paintings anyway.

That being stated, each and every little bit is helping, proper?

Get the glance

Felix Gray has five frames to choose from and there is for sure a selected motif at paintings. All frames are horn-rimmed, with slight permutations in form and within the bridge. I gained the Faraday frames in "Burnt Amber", and, regardless of them now not being my taste or my first colour selection, they in fact glance half-decent on me (or so my spouse says).

Every body has 3 colour choices to make a choice from and they are now not the similar 3 colours for each and every taste. Chances are high that you are able to in finding one thing that fits you well. In the event you grasp a couple and do not find it irresistible, you may have as much as 30 days after supply to go back it for an alternative choice.

Convenience integrated

Those are solely plastic frames, so I used to be nervous that when extended put on they would begin to harm the tops of my ears. Now not the case in any respect. Actually those glasses are even at ease when I have were given my giant over-ear headphones on. The bridge sits conveniently on my nostril, and except for a small pink mark after I take them off on the finish of the day, you'll by no means know I used to be dressed in them.

Those glasses are even at ease when I have were given my over-ear headphones on.

What does it for those body is how light they're. If you get used to the body for your outer edge, it seems like you are dressed in nothin' in any respect.


Beginning at $95 a couple, those glasses don't seem to be reasonable, and presentation manner so much to price. I am happy to mention that I used to be somewhat enamored with the packaging. Felix Gray glasses are available a wooded area inexperienced field with a cream-colored pleather case that is coated with microfiber and is derived with a microfiber cleansing fabric. It is a official glasses case and is all-around elegantly offered.

An eye fixed-opener

So those do not paintings solely as marketed. I used to be skeptical from the get-go given all of the analysis I had executed. That being stated, I've spotted a transformation, and whether or not that is in accordance with my consuming and hydrating conduct or now not, I will most likely stay dressed in those day-to-day, although drugs does not agree.

You'll get Felix Gray glasses in common or with +0.25 magnification. You'll additionally get them in a studying prescription from +1.0 to +2.5.

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