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Digital Offers: Become a JavaScript guru for only $29!

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Digital Offers: Become a JavaScript guru for only $29!

If you want to be a software engineer or writer, you'll need to learn as much as you can about coding and as many coding languages as you can. JavaScript is the code behind all modern web browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but you're not a robot and you don't speak in binary. Sometimes university or college classes can get incredibly complicated or move too fast to understand.

You need JavaScript courses that you can do on your own time, on your own computer, where you're comfortable and learn at your best. If you've never worked with JavaScript before, you also need to learn the absolute basics of the language before you can start running off and building websites and other applications.

Packt Publishing has put together the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle, which features 15 courses on all things JavaScript. It starts with the building blocks of using Javascript to build applications using popular frameworks and takes you all the way into advanced territory, where you'll learn functional programming, data visualization, and mobile app development.

If you were to take courses like this through college or university, you'd pay hundreds of dollars, per course. If you were to download this course bundle anywhere else, you'd pay $1080.

Right now, iMore Offers wants to keep your from filing Chapter 11, so right it's offering the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle from Packt Publishing for only $29. No, this is not a scam and you're not going to be put on any FBI list. Learn JavaScript from novice to master for 97% off!

You want to get a foot in the door to one of the fastest growing industries in the world and learning JavaScript is the perfect place to start your coding journey – you just need the right teacher. The right teacher is Packt Publishing's collection of courses hosted by StackSkills. And the right price is definitely $29 from iMore Offers.

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