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Did you get a new Mac?

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Did you get a new Mac?

Have you used a new Macintosh this winter season?

The new iMac Pro were introduced a while back, and a a lot of people have formed inquiring whether or not they should actually pick up that $5,000+ beast or look for a MacBook, Macintosh, or any else their other Apple-loving individuals want.

If you're person taken the plunge and picked up a new Mac any organize, firstly — best wishes! — and 2nd, are you very happy with what you bought?

We need to know if you've had a way to spend money on a new Macintosh recently and what do you do your journey is like! Have you been they cannot have your new newborn baby down? Are you regretting not pick one single product over another?

Investing a new laptop — not to mention a fancy new Mac — might be intimidating/fantastic/magnificent and so we are want receive your past experience is like if you've actually used a new Macintosh (or maybe even precisely why you habit have a new Macintosh) this winter season.

Pay a visit to into your iMore forums today and let us know if you've had the chance to pick up a new Mac this holiday season!


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