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Crossy Maze: 5 Tips, tricks, and cheats to give you a head-start on unlocks, pickups, and Pip-play!

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Crossy Maze: 5 Tips, tricks, and cheats to give you a head-start on unlocks, pickups, and Pip-play!

Having a onerous time with spike pits, falling blocks, and enemy Pips? Here is what you want to know to win!

Fulfilling graphics, jolly soundtrack, and RPG parts make Crossy Maze a ton of a laugh to play. Showing simple at first, the sport will increase in problem as you growth. To lend a hand your Pip alongside the best way, you will achieve pieces and hearts. How does all of it have compatibility in combination? This is how to get a head-start on unlocks, pickups, and play-styles.

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Do not get cause satisfied

Tapping directional arrows too rapid can transfer your Pip too some distance. With the volume of traps littered across the maze you will most probably finish up dropping a center. There can be occasions when you panic and have to faucet rapid, however check out to stay rely of your faucets. As you can see above, I tapped one too again and again and fell into the pit.

Learn about and plan

When you get started a new maze there will have to be no quick risk, so take a few moments to learn about the board. Plan your direction the use of the least quantity of strikes, as much less strikes method much less probability of dropping hearts. Within the first two screenshots above you can see what number of blocks I have touched with out getting too shut to the enemy Pips (even if, I did use a Rainbow—extra on that beneath). You'll be able to see within the final screenshot above how intricate some forums can also be.

Know your enemies

You will not be Solar Zi, however you can take the well-known tactician's recommendation and know your warring parties.

  • Pink Eyes Pip: Can most effective transfer in relation to your home on the maze. Can not transfer diagonally.
  • Inexperienced X Pip: Will take the fastest direction towards you. Can not transfer diagonally.
  • Blue Eyes Ball Pip: Takes the fastest course to you. Can transfer diagonally and can leap over clean areas.

Perceive what they may be able to do and you'll have a higher probability of thrashing them.

Trap your enemies

Shifting enemy Pips will try to apply you across the maze. They don't seem to be suffering from emerging spikes however can not traverse spike pits. If those enemies are blocking off a sure a part of the maze, transfer shut to draw in their consideration, then transfer away. Those enemies can also be got rid of from the maze through luring them onto a falling block sq. you have activated, as pictured above. Observe that enemy Pips can not turn on falling blocks.

Use your stock to your merit

Cash accumulated whilst crossing the maze can be utilized to acquire a number of pieces: Hearts, guns, save issues, and reviving a lifeless personality. As opposed to hearts and swords, pieces bought or picked up will seem for your stock (situated underneath the maze and above the directional arrows, as pictured above). Hearts and swords are situated above the maze. I check out to stay sufficient cash in my stock for a revive—injuries occur—which prices 30 cash. Stock pieces value 10 cash whilst marking a save level will value you 20 cash. Stock pieces come with:

  • Center: Run out of those and you'll find a way to revive your personality. Run out once more and you'll have to utterly restart.
  • Sword: If you have a sword for your stock you will routinely assault an enemy Pip who lands on your sq.. Swords are one use handiest.
  • Defend: Faucet to deploy. The defend will save you any enemy Pips from touchdown on the sq.. You'll be able to use the defend to block enemies from a a part of the map, or you can use it to create a protected area on your Pip.
  • Bombs: Faucet a bomb and position it close to a number of enemies. Run! A timer on the bomb counts down to detonation. Do not get stuck within the blast—you will lose a center.
  • Rainbow: Tapping the rainbow will colour all adjoining squares. If there's a trap-filled space of the map you'd slightly now not take care of, get as shut as you dare and deploy the rainbow. The squares will now seem coloured and you can transfer on.
  • Lure: My favourite merchandise: faucet, deploy your personal lure, and trap enemies towards it. Enemy Pips who land on the lure are got rid of from the board. Your lure, as soon as deployed, will stay lively on the board till you move during the end-door.
  • Freeze: Faucet to freeze time for 5 seconds. You're loose to transfer round, however traps and enemies are frozen in position.

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