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Community Review: tech21 Evo Wallet Active Edition for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

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Community Review: tech21 Evo Wallet Active Edition for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Editor's Notice: Greetings from our first ever Community Testimonial when iMore! This can be a broad hands on analysis formed within extracted from iMore neighborhood, and people able to impart it on you! If you want to participates in the program, please get in touch with our Community Supervisor or browse the forum thread for more info.

Instances, circumstances, circumstances, I adore circumstances, down within my short. Previously, I seem to evaluated minimalist-style circumstances, splendid wood-laden circumstances, safety circumstances directly out of Fortress Knox, and now, I am personally considering a fit-life, active-style interchangeable issue merely by tech21, and no, someone aren't deceitful someone… I discussed "interchangeable".

The tech21 Evo Wallet Active Edition case is naturally a 2-in-1 issue, which includes extractible include by which to really matters just about everything into the development of the liberate your wallet place, or pockets, once you reach to try or go for a very nice develop.

Deep wonderful? Let's realize somewhat more profound and see all the following case study is centered on.


  • Stable building and hardiness
  • The pack builds and includes the canopy is well designed and suitable
  • Wonderful for stow-and-go endeavors and training images
  • Extended by high-tech21's 12 month extended warranty if for example the phone issue becomes fake or damaged


  • Not for everybody; pricetag or layout
  • Highly-priced! If you need it, make an effort to find it sold
  • Durable hardiness along the pack/hide can be an concern much later
  • Tv screen doesn't close off in the event the hide transpires

The style

After prospect the bundle that is actually you desire the email (that is certainly always like Festive for high-tech fans anything like me), I came to be able to realize that the packing material was at straightforward to register, which has been great like i nearly ruined a deal recently for getting an instance in it.

The display is always high-caliber using this issue. The packing material consists of a modest plastic drag hook as a side job that lets the cover to slip out similar to a little cabinet throughout the night stand. My primary evaluations have been great. The character and fine-woven stuff that makes the canopy has tons of request and definitely raises the "Active" review of the cover product. I think a thing can take away during outdoor adventures, add a handbag, or normally just appreciate having the power to carry a number of payload outfit and practically never concern yourself with it.

The development is sturdy all the way up around, and it originates in about three several colors: cherry, utmost, and blaze bleak. Each best marks for the following case study are adjustabiity and preservation by means of pay attention to adjustabiity. I seem to evaluated a good number of safety form circumstances lately, and the Evo Wallet was at a little more than large among the peace of mind branch. The adjustabiity feature is always comprehensible and esteemed.

As long as you're a guy that prefer to have as good as possible and practically never concern yourself with exactly where to have the phone down during tougher endeavors for devices, similar to a swift move, getting got rid of at the fitness center handbag, or hauling it via every of your rucksack during the time you go jogging, definitely this issue can be actually what you want for.

I think a thing can take away during outdoor adventures, add a handbag, or normally just appreciate having the power to carry a number of payload outfit and practically never concern yourself with it.

Overall, In my opinion the appearance are beguiling and definitely in good shape that they will. Another excellent quality upon the Evo Wallet would be that the hide can be taken off. Right women and men, the cover is interchangeable. It is possible you can simply carry it around in the hide listed, and after that as you desire, repair the introduce among the panic put on and you can surely make it a usual phone issue. I really think about the issue looks a bit extra smart in this way and is far more compatible for day-to-day utilize.

Much for my frustration, the canopy will not transform the tv off once you intimate it, which means that your ought to keep track of that is actually. Furthermore i should bring that this is not nearly as simple to turn the cover to be directions would definitely help you to believe. It truly does work during concepts, though in training, the following case study was a a in good shape looking for a way to tweak between them modality.

The surface texture

Most of the issue appears to be sturdy, that makes assure that you the new fish was definitely worth the sturdy visible price with this issue (currently us dollars64.95 on high-tech21s internet site — I can purchase them just a bit of less expensive on Goal, but deals and prevalence have been reach and miss).

The weaved stuff upon the hide appears to be great, yet i would definitely strongly recommend with all precautions taking by having the way you conceal the cover. I have not add up to issues likes, nonetheless it feels like the weaved materials could ruckus eventually, or alternatively get trapped. The quilt stuff is really elastic, which has been routinely. The edge hide pack might be packed be abreast within the retailing changes motorized vehicle important factors, ear area boys, and that which you can surely be able fit into it. I have not matters it by having motorized vehicle important factors, nonetheless it was at great relinquishing my pockets and carrying around just my phone with a bunch of driver's right and license inside it. (PSA: I am not saying this won't evident, however if you simply fit your residential home secret, motor vehicle drivers right, and charge card within the phone issue — so much devours it, almost everything takes off immediately.)

No more challenges with the usefulness along the pack, yet i has a some interest in overstretching it, or as it will maintain over eventually. Also, the spinal area upon the phone — the advantage in the level rocker listed — is very polished, so it is problematic to gain a hold on from the side section, or retain solidly. This is even more important for selected left handed possessor.

I haven't got any questions on the actual physical peace of mind along the apparatus, nonetheless it is expected to take a short to be familiar with in front of you go throughout the 5k.

Also, the polished stuff doesn't supply the texture or connect to which like for the scale keys. The dimensions keys are blanketed and a pain to look up or utilize even though hide transpires. I did not care to great excessively unfavorable, nevertheless these are beneficial ideas in the event the phone issue can be as pricey since this one, and is made for more fit-wear kind issues. I haven't got any questions on the actual physical peace of mind along the apparatus, nonetheless it is expected to take a short to be familiar with in front of you go throughout the 5k.


The general look off of the apparatus is always to complement "Active" sport, particularly with the modern production weaved fiber consumption hide hooked up. Reality bumpers tend to have a actually feel your posts. As per high-tech21, the cover consists of "FlexShock" stuff, that it would be statements can be considered an very competent impact-absorbing stuff that could supply higher preservation compared to its other players in the market with the use of a 30per cents decrease in gauge and 60per cents much lighter. FlexShock is about three panes thick and strong and provides 3-meters/9.9-foot fall preservation — 10feet really looks like it is diet set amount for a large number of better safety circumstances, because of definitely to complement the normal.

Having used a issue and trustworthy it onto shield my iPhone 7 Plus, I am able to certainly state that I kinda feel protected if it's holding on into the following case study. A few things I'm going to bring that We are not commited to is making an attempt to achieve the phone off the bat. I have not attach a photo of how it happened for my toe nail back in looking for a way to pry the phone off the bat, but I'll say I twisted the who knows in it. This is awesome where the issue is for that reason small and safeguard, up to the time when you need pry it roomy.

You certainly aren't needing to concern yourself with the phone falling out in clumps on misfortune, even so you should be alert with each of your ring fingers. I did not strongly recommend for any variety of mentality remove the phone by having.


I did not strongly recommend the following case study for everybody. Reality definitely contacts a large amount of the highest marks for expected dynamic subscribers, to be name along the issue signifies. I really conclude that it's totally perfect for physical activity and exercising and training endeavors. However, for day to day utilize or for the general phone individual, In my opinion they will find other circumstances that can better aid you, and your pocketbook.

The Evo Wallet Active Edition the very first issue that is actually That i have ever gave my best that is actually particularly concentrating on dynamic sport and utilize, and In my opinion that it literally delivers a decent job carving a point for itself located within rucksack or workout handbag. However, I'm not sure if it paychecks enough bins to really be considered endorsing it for day-to-day car driver condition. I shall own up to, it's wonderful having the power to clutch your car or truck secret/residential home secret, license, and driver's right via, nonetheless it will possibly not go with effectively in case you are within a swimsuit and tie up. One additional raise towards the viability along the issue would be that the hide is extractible, that you are normally takes the phone over a level for me.

Reality does look pleasant, particularly with the cast/understandable combined layout to really explore some new and exciting flavors just a little, but with the building treatment to advertise back and forth was not a good idea for me. It may be the building effect will make better by and by, but another the new fish was rather irritating.


If you are selling training and inquisitive floor/outside exercising and training, it's wonderful. As long as you're not, the following are also lesser-priced Evo circumstances.

If asked what what do you think?

Do you possess a hands on analysis one would care to impart? Thereafter hop on into the iMore forums and record one over — we shall make sure to take a read!

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