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Codenames for buildings tied to Apple’s Project Titan take cues from Greek mythology

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Codenames for buildings tied to Apple’s Project Titan take cues from Greek mythology

Apple is thought to be running away on electric vehicle construction, however issues proceed to stay underneath wraps about precisely what this involves. A brand new record from the Silicon Business Journal unearths Apple silently buying a large number of buildings in Sunnyvale, California that may be tied to the initiative codenamed Project Titan. What is extra is the corporate is it seems that naming those buildings after Greek mythology.

One of the most greater buildings is reportedly named Rhea and is claimed to be the brick and mortar that has a top degree of each safety and noise. Paperwork filed with Sunnyvale divulge spaces together with a lube bay, tire changer, and wheel balancer which all reputedly slot in combination very easily with Project Titan. As 9to5Mac points out:

"Moreover, there is a construction codenamed Medusa that is a for production facility in Sunnyvale. The plans for this construction display spaces devoted to a imaginative and prescient lab and eye monitoring. Subsequent is a construction referred to as Magnolia. This facility used to be prior to now owned through FedEx and is claimed to come with one thing referred to as a regenerative thermal oxidizer, which is a system utilized in production and will scale back air pollution."

Even with additional info seeping out about attainable automobile construction, it is all nonetheless speculative and we are in reality now not any nearer to understanding precisely what the corporate is operating on, nor do we've a coarse concept as to what the results of Project Titan can be. That stated, we are lovely stoked to be one step nearer to studying about how Apple plans to enter the electric car market.


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