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Chris Lattner on creating Swift, leaving Apple

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Chris Lattner on creating Swift, leaving Apple

Chris Lattner, who spearheaded LLVM, CLANG, and the Swift programming language at Apple, lately left the corporate for Tesla. There used to be a large number of sound-and-fury following the departure, despite the fact that now not a lot of it knowledgeable by way of a lot more than the will for a headline or social percentage.

Thankfully, John Siracusa, Casey Liss, and Marco Arment were given Lattner to sign up for them on their podcast, ATP.

John Siracusa: This is the object on this matter: until there is some more or less secret doomsday factor about Apple that handiest Chris is aware of, it is not if truth be told that necessary that we work out [0:30] why he left Apple or what used to be in his center of hearts, except for simply us being busybodies and simply short of to understand, gossip sort stuff. 2d, pragmatically talking, that is simply now not the kind of factor that individuals who depart Apple speak about or, in the event that they do speak about it, it is years and years later after nobody cares anymore or it is not a large deal. Even though there used to be some deep, darkish explanation why, it is not like we'd find out about it till years from now and, truthfully, the straight-forward dull rationalization is most probably the appropriate one anyway. I have no idea. What [1:00] do you assume, Chris?

Chris Lattner: That sounds about proper to me, John.

The entire interview is superb and for causes a long way past Lattner's profession strikes. At the advent of Swift:

First of all, it used to be actually simply me messing round and no one knew about it as it wasn't anything else to find out about. However ultimately, it were given just a little bit extra critical and I stated, hello, after [21:30] enjoying round slightly bit, I feel that this in reality may just make sense. So I began speaking to my control and probably the most engineers that have been running on Clang, they usually gave the impression thinking about it. We were given a pair folks running on it part-time and I satisfied my supervisor that it used to be fascinating sufficient that we will have a few other folks paintings on it. Now, this wasn't a significant dedication. This used to be an, "K, let's examine what there's right here," and that began a [22:00] more or less inner demo time table and different issues the place we set milestones in position and attempted to justify the funding that used to be being put into it.

I'm going to prevent quoting. You get started listening:



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