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Candy Crush Saga — Everything you need to know!

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Candy Crush Saga — Everything you need to know!

Crushing goodies is tricky paintings! This is the whole thing you need to know!

Candy Crush Saga is a hugely a success, informal puzzle-like recreation that has spawned two spin-off video games and numerous copycats. The sport itself is extremely easy, making it a staple time-waster on many of us's iPhones and iPads.

If you're simply getting into the arena of Candy Crush Saga and you're making an attempt to work out if the sport is value a obtain, this is the entirety you need to know!

The target

Candy Crush Saga is lovely simple. You win each and every degree via finishing its purpose, which is typically restricted through the selection of strikes you're allowed to carry out.

Many of the early ranges simply require you to get a undeniable choice of issues, however as you growth in the course of the recreation, you'll need to whole different goals like clearing all of the Jelly.

How to rating issues

You rating issues by way of crushing chocolates, which is to say, lining up no less than 3 in a row of the similar form of sweet. The extra sweet you weigh down, the upper your rating will move.

How to transparent jelly and different stumbling blocks

Clearing jelly and different stumbling blocks is so simple as crushing sweet over the spot the place the jelly or stumbling blocks relaxation.

Some stumbling blocks later within the recreation take multiple weigh down to take away.

Particular goodies

When you mix 4 or extra goodies, you will obtain a different sweet that you can then fit with different goodies of the similar sort to turn on particular talents, permitting you to transparent extra chocolates without delay.

You'll be able to even fit two particular goodies — despite the fact that they're a special sort — to turn on more than one results without delay. It is generally a good suggestion to do that on every occasion you can, so you can acquire issues extra temporarily!


If you fail to whole an purpose in a degree, you will lose a lifestyles. You get started with 5 lives, and each and every time you lose one, it takes 30 mins to fill up.

As soon as you are out of lives, you will not be able to proceed enjoying the sport till you've replenished no less than one lifestyles.

You'll be able to additionally fill up lives by way of spending gold, which you have to purchase with actual cash.

Foreign money

There's one top class foreign money in Candy Crush Saga, and that is the reason gold. You'll be able to purchase gold for actual cash from the Candy Store — the in-app retailer.


Candy Crush Saga is equivalent portions technique and good fortune. Each and every degree is randomly generated, so although you play the similar degree back-to-back, you'll get other effects.

That does not imply there don't seem to be a couple of tips you can make use of to get probably the most out of the hand you're dealt!

What extra would you like to know?

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