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Candy Crush Jelly Saga: 5 tips, tricks, and cheats to crack frosting and free Puffers!

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga: 5 tips, tricks, and cheats to crack frosting and free Puffers!

Free the lovable l'il Pufflers and unfold that jelly all over!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga, the 3rd installment of the very talked-about Candy Crush collection, brings you extra of the similar, addictive, match-three mechanics. You advance thru ranges of accelerating problem the place you will have to "unfold the jelly all over the place," free the shy Pufflers, or fight the Jelly Queen for keep an eye on of the board.

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1. Make particular goodies

Matching quite a few the similar colour goodies allows you to make particular chocolates that allow you to transparent the board extra temporarily.

That is particularly essential for Jelly Queen ranges the place you are going head-to-head towards the sticky monarch herself.

Particular sweet varieties and what they do

  • Striped sweet - Fit 4 in a row. Clears a whole row or column, relying on path of the stripes.
  • Candy fish - Fit 4 in a 2x2 sq.. Fish assaults a random sq. and eats the sweet on it.
  • Colour bomb - Fit 5 in a row. Tough noticed sweet that clears all chocolates of the similar colour as the only it used to be matched with.
  • Wrapped sweet - Fit 5 in a T-shape. It is going to explode when swapped, taking away any chocolates round it.
  • Coloring sweet - Fit six or extra. Adjustments the colour of any chocolates that it is swapped with. Just right for elevating the your probabilities for making particular goodies.
  • Coconut wheel - Randomly seems at later ranges. Clears the primary sweet it is switched with, then converts the following 3 chocolates in that row or column to striped goodies.

Particular sweet mixtures

All the particular goodies can also be mixed with each and every different to create different particular goodies that grant you other advantages.

  • Striped sweet and wrapped sweet - Makes an enormous striped sweet that clears 3 rows and 3 columns in a move form.
  • Striped sweet and colour bomb - Converts all chocolates — together with particular chocolates — to the colour of the unique striped sweet and turns on them.
  • Striped sweet and jelly fish - Makes 3 striped fish that convert any eaten sweet into striped chocolates and turns on them.
  • Striped sweet and coconut wheel - Adjustments a complete of six chocolates into striped goodies and turns on them.
  • Wrapped sweet and wrapped sweet - It makes the board pass growth. It clears out 24 chocolates in a 5x5 grid surrounding each and every wrapped sweet.
  • Wrapped sweet and colour bomb - Adjustments each and every sweet of the similar colour because the wrapped sweet into wrapped chocolates and turns on them.
  • Wrapped sweet and jelly fish - Makes 3 wrapped jelly fish that flip the sweet they consume into wrapped goodies.
  • Wrapped sweet and coconut wheel - Adjustments a whole row or column of chocolates into wrapped chocolates.
  • Colour bomb and colour bomb - Need to transparent all of the board, together with maximum obstructions? Fit two colour bombs in combination and watch the entire board explode.
  • Colour bomb and jelly fish - Makes 3 colour bomb jelly fish, which flip any eaten sweet into jelly fish and turns on them.
  • Colour bomb and coconut wheel - Turns a row/column of goodies into striped goodies and turns on them.
  • Coconut wheel and coconut wheel - Turns a row/column of chocolates into striped chocolates and turns on them.

2. Crack the frosting in several spots over the board

For Puffler ranges, get started cracking the frosting randomly throughout all of the board to in finding the place the shy critters are hiding. Doing this may disclose the place you wish to have to pay attention your clearing efforts for afterward within the degree.

3. Select your strikes correctly

You've 5 strikes in overall consistent with 3 hours and each and every degree could have up to 3 forums to transparent. Assume strategically and preserve your strikes to get probably the most get advantages out of them. Conversely, do not waste your strikes.

A just right instance of a wasted transfer is liberating locked items. They're normally cleared as you're enjoying thru a degree, so until they are blocking off one thing essential, do not waste your time on them.

4. Regulate the Pufflers

In ranges the place you will have to in finding the Pufflers, they have a tendency to transfer round as you transparent the frosting above them. Now and again, a tail or head can be published. As you disclose extra in their our bodies, they get triumph over with shyness and run away to disguise.

Once they run, watch the place they pass. You'll be able to see the rows and columns of sweet remove darkness from as they cross beneath. Should you concentrate, you'll be able to know the place they have got long past!

5. Time cheat to get extra strikes

Like maximum cellular video games, Candy Crush Jelly Saga provides you with a restricted choice of strikes: you get 5 turns each and every 3 hours.

To get extra turns, you'll be able to do that trick: For your settings, you have got a surroundings for automated time zone. Flip this off and set the clock 3 hours forward. Fan the flames of the sport and play. You'll be able to stay advancing the clock 3 hours at a time.

When you're finished enjoying, make sure that to activate automated time zone once more as a result of twiddling with the time may cause different programs to malfunction.

How a lot sweet have you ever beaten?

Have you ever reached the highest degree in Candy Crush Jelly Saga? Brag about it within the feedback under and let us know how you probably did it!


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