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CALLING ALL SNAPCHAT ADDICTS! Five awesome new features that just came to Snapchat

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CALLING ALL SNAPCHAT ADDICTS! Five awesome new features that just came to Snapchat

Snapchat has a large update! However what are its new features?!

Calling all Snapchat addicts! Prevent snappin' and get started readin', as a result of this newest update is more or less a recreation changer!

Everybody's favourite little yellow app has up to date and there are some giant giant adjustments that'll right away leap out at you.

In particular: the new common seek bar, Bitmoji, the power to watch Tales any place, Bitmoji, Bitmoji, oh … and did we point out Bitmoji?

Right here 5 new features that Snapchat has rolled out with its newest update.

Common Seek Bar

On the most sensible of your display, the very first thing you are most probably going to realize is the Seek Bar. When you've got your Bitmoji synced to your snap, you'll be able to see your lil' Bitmoji self within the nook.

From right here, you'll be able to simply open up chat convos with buddies, seek for somebody particularly, in finding pals and contacts, and so a lot more.

The one web page the Seek bar does not display up on is the Uncover web page (however you'll be able to seek & subscribe for such things as VICE or CNN at the Uncover web page with the quest bar).

More uncomplicated Bitmoji get entry to

Whilst Bitmoji used to be part of Snapchat sooner than, now it is reeeeeaaaalllllllyyyyy part of Snapchat.

For those who faucet in your Bitmoji icon within the higher proper nook of your profile, you'll be able to have an opportunity to edit your Bitmoji or trade your outfit. The app will in an instant take you to Bitmoji, making small adjustments as simple as making rhubarb pie!

(Aspect observe: I have no idea if making rhubarb pie is straightforward, so I make an apology if I am fallacious AF). (Aspect notice, aspect observe: I just seemed up a rhubarb pie recipe. It most effective had 3 steps. Sounds simple sufficient.)

Watch anyone's tale whilst now not at the Tales web page

Whilst the Tales web page is superb and the whole thing, once in a while you just need to in finding one individual's tale and now not have to scroll thru a bajillion other folks or if truth be told move to the Tales web page to see their snap shenanigans.

The Common seek bar makes it stupid-simple to in finding your mates and watch their tales by way of just typing of their identify, that means you will not have to buckle down and do all the ones random Snapchat tales you do not in reality care about.

Faucet in your Bitmoji to immediately deliver up your Snap profile

Ahead of, you would have to be at the capturing display and would wish to swipe down so as to get your Snapchat profile knowledge.

With the new update, all you've to do is faucet your little Bitmoji icon within the higher proper nook and BAM! Your snapcode is in a position to get scanned and you are prepared 2 partayyyy!

Your Bitmoji is your new availability indicator

See what I imply about Bitmoji being all over the place now?

Anyway, you understand how sooner than in a talk with anyone, in the event that they have been studying your convo or creeping your messages, a lil' circle would seem within the decrease left nook of the chat?

Whilst the theory used to be cool, it used to be arduous to inform which colours intended what (Snapchat is not that nice at giving tips for a way to use their app, it is more or less just like 'FIGURE IT OUT KTHNXBYE!!!'), which is why it is so cool that your Bitmoji icon will now give away your availability standing in a talk!

In the event you open a convo, your Bitmoji will just seem as is, however if you are creeping a convo, your sneaky little Bitmoji shall be creeping from the nook.

What do you call to mind Snapchat's newest update?

Are you jazzed about extra Bitmoji stuff being included into Snap? Do you're keen on the Common seek bar?

Tell us what you assume within the feedback under!


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