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Brew craft beer on a budget with PicoBrew’s Pico C

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Brew craft beer on a budget with PicoBrew’s Pico C

If in-home craft brewing has eluded you and your budget, PicoBrew's Pico C may well be the homebrewing gadget for you.

PicoBrew, the corporate that makes craft-brewing techniques for each small-batch pros and homebrewers, has introduced a new Kickstarter marketing campaign that has me going, "I feel the universe needs me to brew my very own beer."

Pico C - Craft Brewing For All - Kickstarter

Pico C

The Pico C is a craft brewing gadget for your house that'll crank out 5 liter kegs of scrumptious craft beer for each and every "PicoPak" you purchase. You'll be able to call to mind PicoPaks virtually like large espresso pods — each and every PicoPak incorporates the essential components for the brew you select.

This is how the brewing procedure works:

  1. Insert your PicoPak factor pack and upload water on your Pico C device.
  2. Make a selection the settings in your beer: You'll be able to modify the bitterness (IBU) and alcohol by way of quantity (ABV) of your beer.
  3. Brew your beer.
  4. Permit your beer to ferment in a brewing keg.
  5. Switch your beer to a serving keg and serve it up!

The Pico C will retail for $550, however other folks who again the Kickstarter can snag a Pico C for between $299 and $329. House brewing methods are usually slightly the funding — each in cash and the time it takes to learn how to make a just right batch o' beer at domestic. PicoBrew objectives to simplify the craft brewing procedure and make it simple to have great-tasting beer MADE IN YOUR DOGGONE HOME.


PicoBrew has a international market for promoting its PicoPak factor packs. You'll be able to have a Porter from New Jersey one week and an IPA from Washington the following. If you are thinking about being your personal brewmaster, PicoBrew gives a customized PicoPak so you'll be able to create your personal recipes.


My favourite function of the PicoBrew device is the BrewPulse app. The app will permit you to test in on your brew so you'll be able to see fermentation main points and simply how lengthy it will be till you'll be able to style your homebrew.

The app additionally options the BrewMarketplace, making it simple to reserve new PicoPaks on cellular.


Does the Pico C's lower cost tempt you to take a look at at-home craft brewing? Would you moderately stick with the breweries and store-bought stuff? Tell us within the feedback!


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