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Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Apple Watch

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Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Apple Watch

What's the best way to protect your Apple Watch screen? With a tempered glass screen protector!

The Apple Watch's small display may seem easy enough to protect, but wearing it around on your wrist every day means it's going to be prone to damage. If you want to keep it scratch and scuff proof, a tempered glass screen protector is the best way to do it, but not all tempered glass screen protectors are created equal. Due to the Apple Watch screen's rounded edge, most tempered glass protectors aren't able to cover the entire thing. Some protectors address that issue by coming with a case or adding a strip of curved aluminum to protect the edges.

Ultimately, it's going to come down to how you want to style your Apple Watch, but you'll still get great protection for the flat portion of the watch face with any of the options we've outlined below, without affecting touch sensitivity.

SUPTECH Tempered Screen Protector (38mm and 42mm)

If keeping a uniform look for your Apple Watch is important to you, you'll want to consider this screen protector. On top of providing excellent protection via 0.2mm-thick tempered glass, the rounded edges of the watch face are also protected by aluminum.

It all looks really sharp, offering a good combination of style and protection, and is available for both the 42mm and 38mm Apple Watches. It comes in six colors — black, blue, gold, silver, rose gold, and rose red — so you can choose whether to match your watch's color or customize it with a splash of a different color. Just make sure you select the right size for your Apple Watch before heading to check out. The SUPTECH Tempered Screen Protector will run you about $35.

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Rhino Skin Tempered Glass Protector (38mm and 42mm)

Looking for a tempered glass option that provides full protection but still lets you show off your Apple Watch design? Look no further than this simple screen protector from Rhino Gear.

The clear, thin piece of glass is designed to fit snugly to protect against scuffs, drops, and scratches on your screen. For only $20, the Rhino Skin tempered glass screen protector is an Amazon top seller and has plenty of positive reviews!

Again, make sure you select the right size for your Apple Watch before heading to check out so you aren't disappointed when it arrives.

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JETech 2-Pack Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector (38mm and 42mm)

If you're a minimalist and only want your Apple Watch's screen protected with no extra bulk or fuss, you can't go wrong with this option from JETech. These 0.2mm-thick tempered glass screen protectors are not going to provide full, edge-to-edge protection due to the screen's rounded edges, but these are the easiest to install — with included sticker guides to help with placement and wipes to deal with fingerprints and dust — and are quite serviceable.

And on top of that, it's a two-pack, so you'll have a replacement when the time comes. JETech's protector is available for both Apple Watch sizes, so make sure you get the one that's right for your Apple Watch. Grab it for about $6.50.

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Your favorite?

If you've tried and tested a tempered glass screen protector for your Apple Watch, let me know which one and how it's been working with you!

Updated July 2017: Took away the LUVVITT protector due to lack of availability, but added the well-reviewed Rhino Skin protector to the list!


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