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Best new apps for iPhone and iPad

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Best new apps for iPhone and iPad

What are the hottest new apps on the App Store right now? These! There are over a million and a half apps for iPhone and iPad and the number just keeps growing. Every day new and newly updated apps hit the App Store, and it's impossible to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you don't have to. All you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day. When you do, we'll have the best of the best new apps waiting for you! And don't forget to check out our list of this week's best games for your iPhone.

Best new and updated apps

This week, find time to hang out with your friends, create your own soundtrack for meditation, build GIFs from your still photos, and more.
  • Beacon - Beacon's goal is to make it easier to hang out with your friends by letting them know that you're available. Rather than just texting your friends to see what they're up to, you create an event in Beacon, and let them know that you'll be attending. It doesn't matter if you're looking to hang out with conference attendees, go see a movie, or just grab a bite to eat, it's easy to make either a public or friends-only event for people to attend. And if you want to respond to an event created by someone else? Just tap the In? button on their event card and you're good to go. - Free - Download Now
  • Meditapes - Create a custom meditation soundtrack full of relaxing audio tracks. You can use the app's audio packs to make loops for your meditation sessions. The packs offer a wide variety of sounds, from guitars to cellos, with a number of ambient sounds also in the mix, including crackling fire or the ocean. Your loops are saved to your device, so you don't need to worry about internet access, or about turning off wireless on your phone so you can meditate undisturbed. Each pack costs $1.99, though you can unlock them all for $2.99. - Free - Download Now
  • Postto - Postto lets you create colorful and engaging GIFS using your photos. Once you import your photo or choose from the the Postto gallery, you can get started by adding effects to change the mood of your image. Add live stickers and emoji to your creation, pick from the available fonts and add text, and combine everything for something truly unique. - Free - Download Now
  • Yoga Studio - For those of you looking to get started with yoga, this might be the app for you. Get more than 70 yoga lessons, complete with HD video. If you're a yoga expert, you can even create your own video class and share it. Keep yourself on track for continued yoga progress with the included class scheduler. And you're not confined to your iPhone or iPad with Yoga Studio either. You can watch all of the app's lessons in your living room on your Apple TV. The latest update to Yoga Studio adds a 14-day free trial, new subscription prices, and more - Free - Download Now
  • Py - Get on-demand courses wherever you are. Py helps you expand your horizons with more than 1,000 free courses across a number of subjects like programing, data science, computer science, math, and the humanities. Py constructs its programs based on your strengths and weeknesses, and offers challenges that you can complete for points that help you level up and learn more. When you're on fire, keep going to unlock streaks for more points. - Free - Download Now
  • Adobe Scan - The latest in Adobe's suite of mobile apps, Scan uses optical character recognition (OCR) to bring your physical documents into the digital realm. The app recognizes documents, receipts, pictures, business cards, and even whiteboards, and can turn any of them into a PDF. When using the app's camera mode, Scan can automatically recognize and capture and image of your document. Tap the Save PDF button to save your documents to Adobe's Document Cloud as PDFs. You can send those newly-created PDFs to Adobe's Acrobat Reader app to search for, highlight, and select text, just as you would a standard PDF. - Free - Download Now

Featured apps

It's never too late to learn a new skill, so why not try your hand at coding with this week's collection of featured apps. Apple has gathered coding apps aimed at coders of any age and experience.
  • Hopscotch - Hopscotch tries to make learning to code fun with a colorful and visually-focused approach to programming. You pick from sets of programming blocks that lead to particular actions within your program, teaching you the basic logical thinking that goes into programming. With these blocks, you can make games, pieces of art, and more. Share what you've created with other Hopscotch users, and see what others have made in turn, taking something and recoding it to put your own spin on it. - Free - Download Now
  • Swifty - Since its debut, Swift has become a very popular language for developers, and Swifty is hear to help you learn it. The app focuses on teaching you to program in Swift, offering hundreds of small lessons that will teach you the basics of the language, variables, arrays, and functions, to name a few. You'll be able to unlock achievements and set and reach daily goals. The latest update brought with it an overhauled lesson view. - Free - Download Now
  • Treehouse - Treehouse offers courses in pretty much any area of programming and design that you can think of. Whether you want to build iPhone apps in Swift or hand-build a website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Treehouse has courses that comprehensively cover the skills and techniques that you'll need to become the programmer that you think you can be. You'll need to sign up for a membership, either Basic for $24.99 a month, or Pro for $48.99 per month, in order to get access to Treehouse's library of course. - Free - Download Now

Free app of the week

Framed - This noir puzzle game takes the form of an interactive comic book. You rearrange the panels of mood-setting art to solve puzzles and complete your mission as you follow the tangled mystery at the heart of the game. Here's some of what you can look forward to with Framed:
  • EFFORTLESSLY ELEGANT: Simply grab comic panels and swap them with a touch of your finger!
  • BEAUTIFUL ART & RICH ANIMATION: Hand-crafted, award-winning art and animation brings the noir world of FRAMED to life.
  • ORIGINAL JAZZ MUSIC SOUNDTRACK: An evocative music score featuring live jazz performances fused with modern themes and beats sets the mood.
  • A BRAND NEW EXPERIENCE AWAITS: Unlike anything you've played before, FRAMED delivers a completely new type of game experience. Plug in your headphones, sit back and enjoy!
You can get The Robot Factory for free from the App Store until June 8. IOTransfer  - This app is designed for transferring photos/videos/musics/app on iPhone between iDevices and PC. When your iPhone is connected with IOTransfer, you're able to export, import and delete photos/videos/music between iDevices, including iPhone/iPad/iPod. This all-in-one iPhone manager is easier-to-use than iTunes with simple interface and faster processing speed.  

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