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Are you on CrackBerry? You just threw an iPhone at a brick wall!

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Are you on CrackBerry? You just threw an iPhone at a brick wall!

Our sister website online, CrackBerry, carried out a drop check for the BlackBerry KEYone. Additionally they dropped a Galaxy S8 and an iPhone 7 Plus. Ouch ... that harm.

On every occasion a new phone comes out, anyone bites the bullet and places it thru its paces, checking out drops from all angles and underneath more than a few cases. CrackBerry, Kevin Michaluk (AKA: CrackBerry Kevin) used to be the sucker hero to step as much as the duty with the brand new BlackBerry KEYone. To turn comparisons, he additionally drop-tested a Galaxy S8 and Apple's flagship iPhone 7 Plus. Kevin does not just real-world drop check his telephones, although. He is taking it to the intense.

It begins off quite risk free — drops from waist peak on the carpet, drops from desks (status table peak), or even drops from strangely top ranges, although now not remarkable.

In a while after that, issues get tough. Let me warn you, this video isn't for the iPhone-loving faint at center (or Galaxy or BlackBerry for that topic).

Which phone faired the most productive in CrackBerry Kevin's maniacal drop check? No spoilers. You'll have to peer for your self.

BlackBerry KEYone shows it can take a beating in this 'real world' durability test


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