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Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter Gets the Teardown Treatment

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Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter Gets the Teardown Treatment

Restore wizards over at iFixit in conjunction with their buddies at Creative Electron gave Apple’s new $9 iPhone 7 Lightning headphone adapter a radical X-ray remedy. The research has revealed a stunning quantity of circuitry inside the dongle.

An iFixit contributor by way of the identify of oledturkey03 sliced open his adapter, appearing off the IC underneath the plastic, which showcased an element quantity 338S00140 A0SM1624 TW, which didn’t in fact supply many main points. Then again, it’s an inexpensive expectation that the IC accommodates a digital-to-analog convertor (DAC) and an amplifier, along side an analog-to-digital convertor (ADC).

“We’re stunned how a lot electronics Apple used to be in a position to come with inside of this little cable,” stated Inventive Electron, which builds X-ray inspection methods for electronics.

iFixit and Inventive Electron assume it’s in all probability some type of a DAC chip.

The dongle connects legacy 3.55mm headphones to the iPhone 7, with one finish offering a regular feminine 3.5mm port whilst the different is a male Lightning connector.

The dimensions of the IC inside of the adapter has led many to speculate that Apple minimize some corners to get the process completed, and the newsletter has put a side-by-side with the audio chip in the iPhone 7 (on the good judgment board), proper subsequent to the uncovered chip in the new adapter:
As for audio high quality:
The takeaway turns out to be that during some spaces, the sound high quality does measure a little worse from the adapter than we may well be accustomed to. As an example, when enjoying an uncompressed 16-bit audio record on the iPhone 6s, the dynamic vary dropped from 99.1 dB at the headphone jack to 97.3 dB at the adapter.
Even though be mindful, this relatively decrease size continues to be upper than the theoretical most you get from a compact disc (which is 96 dB). So, is it a distinction you're most probably to realize? Should you take a seat in a quiet room with a actually, in point of fact just right pair of headphones … and you’re a dog, the solution is: perhaps.
The findings did display that there are some drop offs in high quality, like enjoying an uncompressed 16-bit audio record. On the other hand, the variations they did realize are almost definitely now not any that the overwhelming majority of listeners can be in a position to pinpoint. If a consumer is plugged in with top-of-the-line headphones then, perhaps, they may be able to inform, however with same old headphones the distinction seems to be minimum.


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