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Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Review: Small, flawed, and mighty

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Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Review: Small, flawed, and mighty

The writer, taking a Portrait mode photograph of herself dressed in the Series 3 Apple Watch by way of the usage of the Series 3 to take action.

The Series 3 LTE Apple Watch is not going to be for everybody but. However it is a peek on the long term for 38mm and 42mm customers alike.

Sooner than Apple's legitimate Series 3 Apple Watch announcement in September, I admit: I used to be involved. As a religious fan of Apple's 38mm casing measurement, I did not love the rumors over LTE connectivity. LTE networking is tricky and battery-draining, and each and every different producer in the marketplace who is attempted it's been compelled to make large, clunky watches that glance extra like 1980s beliefs of wrist-connected generation than precise watches for people with out 6'4"-sized wrists.

Would Apple abandon 38mm customers in its quest to chase after the "true" dream — the watch as a stand-alone product? Or would it not come with 38mm customers however break the person revel in? May just it in truth make LTE helpful at the small watch?

Apple's legitimate on-stage debut and our subsequent hands on time allayed my fears for a couple of days, however then early critiques of the Series 3 began trickling in with considerations over connectivity. Whilst nearly all of the ones issues appear to be related to a Wi-Fi bug, it nonetheless left me uneasy.

I have now been ready to check the 38mm Series 3 LTE fashion for 48 hours, and I've a couple of ideas about all of this. Like a lot of our different iMore critiques, this can be a residing report — I plan to update this once more in a couple of month with extra longterm checking out notes and observations, however for the ones of you interested by my preliminary observations, emotions, and questions over Apple Watch Series 3 — learn on (or watch underneath!).

Let's communicate tiny watches (and why they are so arduous)

I would like to begin with a commentary that has been true since 2015: Apple is recently the one corporate on this area innovating on full-featured smartwatches underneath 42mm.

There are rather a lot of smartwatches out on this planet. Just about each and every type corporate, tech producer, or health corporate has no less than one tool they are advertising as some form of "smartwatch," however now not a unmarried certainly one of them is actively excited about a full-featured look ahead to somebody whose wrist measurement does not glance nice with a 44mm round body.

And simply to move on a handy guide a rough tangent right here — I do not convey this as much as pit girls vs males, or genre personal tastes. There are many girls who like large watches and males who like small ones. However in observe, the large "boyfriend"-style watches of the trend global are worn somewhat unfastened at the wrist. You'll't make that paintings on a smartwatch if you need correct health information. As such, in case you are a smaller-wristed individual, your choices have in large part been "use a sensible band with restricted efficiency choices," "put on a big sundial strapped tightly in your wrist," or purchase an Apple Watch.

I additionally say this to indicate that Apple by no means needed to make a 38mm watch. Its competition all assume that marketplace does not want to be served by way of the rest past a bracelet-style health band; they have not even attempted to provide an eye fixed in that sizing bracket — in large part as a result of seeking to shrink the parts right down to that measurement whilst nonetheless getting just right battery existence is arduous. Including LTE? That is simply loopy communicate.

I believe that probably the most causes Apple went with an oblong face somewhat than a spherical one when first making the Apple Watch has to do with the 38mm — the similar basic measurement in a round fashion is a massively tougher engineering drawback.

Apple may have simply dropped strengthen for the 38mm watch after its first technology, and the higher tech neighborhood should not have batted a watch: "It were given horrible battery existence compared to the 42mm." "Who wears that factor, anyway?" "The display is so small!"

However the corporate did not forestall making the 38mm. As an alternative, it doubled down on making the scale in truth useable. The Series 2 had right kind all-day battery existence for its smaller watch, all whilst holding characteristic parity with its 42mm sibling.

I put on and champion the 38mm as a result of this: It is a triumph in generation that Apple, annually, suits the whole lot it must on this casing measurement with out compromising on options. The corporate may have simply introduced LTE as a 42mm-only perk this 12 months, a lot as Portrait mode is proscribed to iPhone Plus.

However it did not. The corporate found out learn how to embed its LTE radio across the display of the Apple Watch to mend its area drawback and be offering LTE to each fashions.

Are there compromises you can get by way of dressed in a 38mm over 42? Completely. You lose out on battery existence and a bigger display, and third-party app interfaces do not at all times believe the smaller watch when making contact objectives.

However by way of and massive, the 38mm and 42mm fashions are just like the tip person — and that is why, for all of Apple's tough waters in making LTE paintings for Apple Watch, I applaud the corporate for giving a rattling and attempting to make this paintings.

The Apple Watch is not in its best, ultimate shape but with Series 3, however as a result of Apple is forcing itself to innovate right here, I will be able to simply foresee a time when it will be — all whilst the remainder of the business sits and twiddles its thumbs, claiming that nobody will purchase smaller sizes, so why even take a look at?

However I do. And so, I believe, do hundreds of thousands of others.

On that Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity malicious program

Sooner than I am getting into the remainder of my evaluate, we will have to most definitely communicate in regards to the elephant within the room: The Series 3's reported LTE and cell issues. Here is what I will be able to say needless to say, after my exams.

The excellent news is that the problems reported may also be tweaked or fastened by way of tool — this is not a drawback, which means that it is infinitely more straightforward to resolve for the tip person. And Apple's groups are most probably operating weekends at this level to ensure that the LTE watch revel in improves.

That stated, there may be indubitably a Wi-Fi malicious program. I bumped into it on Friday whilst driving Amtrak; once I switched watches, somewhat than my Series 3 watch hopping on cell, it tried to clutch the Amtrak captive community. A snappy "toggle Plane mode on and off once more" appeared to proper its senses, which I'm going to counsel to somebody else recently having issues.

That is an unlucky factor, and I am somewhat disenchanted in Apple for catching it so overdue within the procedure — particularly as a result of I am positive older Apple Watches had been falling prey to this malicious program for years, however nobody spotted as a result of they wrote the cloud Wi-Fi strengthen off as finicky.

I indubitably did. I have been complaining upwards of a 12 months about Apple now not having some way to go into Wi-Fi passwords or interstitials, however I used to be basically excited about new networks — it did not even happen to me that memorized captive networks may commute up the Apple Watch.

However it is not my task to catch the ones insects. It is Apple's. And as the corporate did not, it is a massive black mark that tarnishes an in a different way thrilling release.

Now, except that malicious program, have I discovered every other gaping issues of LTE at the Apple Watch? No longer for my part. I have examined the watch wandering thru NYC, quite a lot of parks, Amtrak, a Faraday-cage-like resort without a cell provider, and New England during the last two days — together with a specifically ill-advised experiment in putting my iPhone's SIM card into a Samsung phone to make the Apple Watch work for Android users — without a LTE issues in anyway.

However that stated, your mileage might range. With quite a lot of carriers, provider spaces, and the whole lot else that is going into cell indicators, I am not shocked to look early reviewers having problems. Upload in the truth that the watch desires to stick linked in your iPhone or a Wi-Fi community so long as conceivable sooner than switching to LTE (to stay from unnecessarily draining your battery by way of in search of a cell sign), and you will have the very best recipe for doable issues.

Do those make the LTE watch a foul purchase, or unusable? Relies on your use case. As I stated, I have been the usage of mine for the previous few days with out factor. However if you happen to've logged into numerous captive Wi-Fi networks (like Starbucks or Panera) in your iPhone in spaces you widespread, you'll have bizarre connectivity whilst the usage of the watch with out an iPhone provide till Apple pushes a malicious program repair.

Should you do run into cell connectivity problems at the watch, there may be no less than a gorgeous easy repair: Toggle Plane mode on and off in your Apple Watch. This may occasionally disconnect the whole lot and reboot your cell antenna, permitting the tool to clutch onto a brand new sign. (It is a trick I have used for years when having cell issues of my iPhone, and now, I assume, for my watch.)

K, however how is LTE + Mobile provider?

In all probability the most productive reward I will be able to give is that after it really works, it feels seamless — one thing the Apple Watch has at all times had issues of prior to now when pulling information from the iPhone.

Siri queries have progressed around the board for watchOS 4 customers, but if they are LTE-powered, they really feel practically like magic. I incessantly were given solutions to my questions practically sooner than I ended asking them, and the Siri voice is a stupendous little chirp in my ears with out being too grating. (You'll at all times turn off the feature if you dislike it.)

watchOS 4 has indubitably made the Series 2 snappier at fast responses, particularly as soon as Siri has been requested an preliminary question. However on extra complicated questions, the Series 3 Apple Watch's LTE powers shine.

Instructions is a huge one. On Series 2 and older, requesting instructions without delay at the watch used to be continuously a crapshoot — on occasion it will paintings; on occasion the watch would not even load your present location, let by myself anything within the Maps ecosystem.

Series 3 remains to be slower than I would like within the directions-seeking division, but it surely discovered riding instructions to Apple Park from NYC inside in a minute; by contrast, I waited a minute and a part extra for my Series 2 watch (paired to another iPhone) to take a look at and unravel the similar an identical question, and ultimately gave up.

Calls are crystal transparent, and each cell and FaceTime audio connections paintings with out drawback — although they are each battery hogs, consuming up any place from 5-15% of your energy capability on 5-20 minute calls. I'm barely curious as to which burns extra battery (FaceTime or cell), and it is one thing I plan to check quickly.

There are nonetheless queries Siri cannot accomplish, which is doubly irritating when you find yourself away out of your iPhone. You'll't take a be aware, for instance, or use any of the third-party Siri integration choices. (The loss of Lyft strengthen is especially grating: Although Siri cannot interpret "name a Lyft" into the third-party Siri framework, it will have to no less than have the ability to open the Lyft app for me to make use of.) Should you ask a question that calls for your iPhone even supposing you are away out of your tool, the watch will nonetheless ask you to "Proceed on iPhone," although it has no method of in truth carrying out that process. (Whoops.)

That stated, you'll ask numerous issues I did not know, together with appearing footage you took final 12 months, enjoying song, and querying Wikipedia (by way of pronouncing "Wikipedia [your query]) or WolframAlpha.

Finally, provider barriers. There are some things to hide right here: For one, sure, there is no approach to roam. A part of that has to do with the slender choice of LTE bands packed into every region-specific fashion (there are six — 3 of every measurement) of Apple Watch, however I would wager the larger deal this is the price of roaming on battery existence.

Larger problems, although, are particular person provider barriers. While you arrange your Series 3 by means of your iPhone's Watch app and pop into your provider portal, you can be requested to pay a $5-$10 "per month get right of entry to fee" to actually let your Apple Watch get right of entry to your iPhone's pool of knowledge. It is a money-grubbing transfer by way of carriers, and I am not keen on it, however hiya, no less than they are now not making us join particular person plans or locking SIMs.

You'll transfer to another provider (together with ones in a distinct nation supported by way of your Apple Watch's LTE bands) if you happen to transfer your iPhone line, however now not till that time; there may be now not even an choice to select a distinct provider till your iPhone is ready up.

As soon as you may have arrange with a provider, you are certain by way of their regulations. AT&T, for example, would possibly not let Apple Watch Series 3 customers name the world over with out the Apple Watch provide. I used to be additionally unsuccessful at sending a "inexperienced bubble" SMS, although I am not somewhat positive if that factor used to be horrible networking or a real AT&T limitation. (iMessages, for what it is value, paintings somewhat smartly even along with your iPhone in Plane mode.)

Base line: If you do not run into any LTE problems, it appears like magic at the watch and it is vastly useful into making the watch really feel just like the tool I have sought after on day one.

Battery existence

This is the segment I sought after to start out my evaluate on sooner than the madness of LTE problems and Wi-Fi insects. Can the 38mm be useful for a complete day when you find yourself the usage of it as an LTE-only choice?

Most commonly.

Within the few days I examined, I ran the watch ragged for sooner or later — calling a couple of other folks on cell and FaceTime audio, querying Siri, forcing the watch to run on LTE by way of striking the iPhone in Plane mode, doing a skating exercise — and wore it extra most often the following.

At the stress-test day, I began at 9AM round 100% battery, and in an instant enabled Plane mode on my phone to pressure my watch to make use of LTE. First, I positioned a couple of 5-minute calls to my other people in LA. That begged the battery a couple of notches (97%), however now not an excessive amount of.

After that, I experimented with global calls, FaceTime calls, iMessage texts, and SMS for approximately a 30 minutes. By way of the tip of that consultation, I had hit 90%.

I swapped again over to iPhone connectivity round 10:40AM and proceeded to paintings on my pc, answering the occasional notification on my watch. By way of 1PM once I broke for lunch, it used to be round 84%.

After lunch the true a laugh started: This used to be when we tested using an Apple Watch with Android, which intended holding the 38mm watch solely on an LTE connection whilst we tried outbound and inbound calls, sending iMessage notifications, and having a look up some instructions in Maps.

By way of 4PM once we went to start out capturing for my Apple Watch review, the watch had hit 47%.

After filming (which concerned each LTE-only connectivity and iPhone) and skating exams (3 quick skating exercises), I hit 29% round 5PM.

By way of 7PM, I were given a 10%-pleading-for-a-charge battery notification from my 38mm watch. 
Outcome: 10 hours with about 3-4 hours of compelled LTE connectivity and quick exercises. No longer improbable battery existence, however cast given the whole lot I put it thru.

On the second one day, the watch behaved in a similar fashion in battery intake to my Series 2, giving me a complete 14-16 hours with a brief strolling exercise incorporated in that period of time.

So, is battery existence useful at the LTE Series 3? Most commonly. You are now not going so to eke out a complete day of LTE-only use with out one thing like a BatteryPro on your bag. However if you happen to figure out and use LTE the way in which Apple intends it (AKA let your Apple Watch come to a decision when it hops between networks, somewhat than forcing your iPhone into Plane mode), you will have to simply get equivalent battery existence to the Series 2.

That is nonetheless now not improbable, however I truthfully do not know the way Apple solves this drawback in need of a revolution in battery tech or completely shifting to a larger casing measurement. For me, the smaller watch measurement is greater than well worth the tradeoff of a couple of additional hours of battery existence.

It is also value noting that Apple has optimized watchOS to raised replicate battery decay: Now, while you hit 50%, it is in truth 50% — the second one part of battery intake (49%-1%) will have to take so long as the primary part, somewhat than exponentially draining.

Casings and bands

No longer a ton to mention right here, however a couple of ideas for posterity.

The brand new Game Loop is improbable, and I'm going to be writing a stand-alone evaluate in a while. It is the lightest, maximum at ease band Apple has ever made whilst nonetheless having a look fashionable, the Velcro-style hook and loop closures are rock cast, and it is such a lot higher at repelling water than the Woven Nylon.

The brand new gold colour is an ever-so-slight buttery copper that fits the brand new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus color. It is midway between the unique gold color of the watch and the almost-purple rose gold tint from final 12 months. I like the glance, for my part, and massively like it to final 12 months's gold fashions.

Sure, there is a crimson crown. Sure, it is for each and every LTE fashion. And yes, you can cover it up if you happen to in reality hate it. I used to be anticipating to strongly dislike it, however I in finding myself in large part detached — perhaps as a result of I put on the watch in reverse orientation, which makes the crown a long way much less noticeable once I take a look at the watch.

The Series 3 LTE fashion comes with 16GB of garage. Extra space for apps, more space for Apple Tune when it displays up in October, more space duration.

The non-LTE Series 3 fashions solely get the composite again, somewhat than the ceramic again improve that every one Series 3 LTE fashions get (and all Series 2 were given, as smartly). I believe this is more or less a uncooked deal given the variation in scratches on ceramic vs composite glass, however I am guessing it is to stay the Series 3 GPS-only value at a cheap charge. Does not imply I've to love a subpar subject material in an in a different way awesome casing.

The Series 3's casing design is more or less just like Series 2 (and barely larger/heavier than Series 0/1), although the ceramic backing has an ever-so-slightly larger lip. (Concerning the intensity of 2 sheets of paper, in step with Apple.)

A 21x macro shot having a look on the again composite glass of the Series 3 GPS-only choice as opposed to the barely deeper ceramic lip on hte GPS + Mobile fashion.

Qi charging: Apple Watch makes use of a specialised model of the Qi for its magnetic inductive charger. As such, maximum common Qi chargers (like the 2 optimized for iPhone) would possibly not paintings with the Series 3 Apple Watch, You could possibly in finding success with this if you purchase a magnetic Qi charger, however I have not been ready to for my part verify one operating.

A variety of other people requested in regards to the speaker device: Apple has redesigned the way in which the speaker suits into the casing, however it is the similar elementary speaker from the Series 2. The redesign indubitably is helping with sound projection, alternatively.


The place the Series 2 introduced a significant growth to the health neighborhood with strengthen for GPS, Series 3's altimeter addition is much less of a commentary, however nonetheless welcome. "Flights climbed" has develop into as shareable a metric as steps today, and runners and hikers will have to particularly recognize figuring out their elevation acquire over a long commute.

The largest health growth is not restricted to the Series 3, alternatively, and that is watchOS 4's totally redesigned Middle Fee app (for Series 1-3). It is a very good option to get extra contextual information from the watch, somewhat than simply having your center charge taken within the background.

watchOS 4 review

A part of Apple's good fortune with health has been now not solely cataloging information, however making it imply one thing. As an example, as irksome as Stand notifications may also be, they imply one thing in some way that "get 400 energy or else" does now not.


Zoom zoom zoom. It is arduous to quantify simply how fantastic the Series 3's S3 processor feels as a result of watchOS 4 enhancements that make Series 2 really feel — and glance — quicker on display. However even supposing the loss of lag is not as dramatically pronounced because it used to be between Series 0 and 2, it is nonetheless progressed.

The whole thing feels snappier. Swiping feels stutter-free for the primary time in Apple Watch historical past — together with horizontal swipes for watch faces, which used to make my Series 0 cry.

I have not completed too many instructional exams between Series 3 and Series 2, however Siri, app launches, and swipes confirmed essentially the most dramatic growth; Series 3 additionally restarts quicker than Series 2, however it is nonetheless a hibernating undergo compared to the iPhone — the 2 instances I tried to reboot, it took practically a minute and 40 seconds, respectively.


I don't have any qualms about calling watchOS 4 the most productive smartwatch tool available in the market presently. Between its iPhone integration and all of the apps and choices presented to Apple Watch customers, watchOS crushes its festival by way of being simple to make use of and more straightforward to appreciate.

The LTE Series 3 Apple Watch elevates that tool by way of making it quicker and extra responsive. All apps are quicker, and the Apple Watch's new S3 chip lets in it to render such things as a complete video preview of your iPhone's rear digicam.

Two Portrait mode pictures taken by way of the Series 3 Apple Watch whilst filming stated characteristic.

Only a fast shout out for the Apple Watch's Digital camera Faraway app: What began as an almost-gimmicky faraway in watchOS 1 has develop into a shockingly robust second-screen software for cellular filmmakers. The truth that I will be able to line up a shot, faucet to focal point, and take the photograph or video with out ever touching my iPhone is a large deal. I may just see other folks purchasing the watch actually only for video tracking and capturing, and not anything else.

Comparability checking out

If you are excited by how the Series 3 LTE compares to its older siblings and non-Mobile Series 3 compatriot, I am recently in the middle of comparability checking out. I simply picked up a Series 3 GPS-only watch, and plan to spend a couple of days checking out efficiency and battery this weekend. I'm going to document again when I've extra concrete element about battery existence, velocity, and every other notes (however be happy to go away feedback underneath in case you have a particular check you need me to take a look at!).

Base line

The Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE is the most productive watch Apple has ever made. It is also essentially the most unsuitable: Although there were not Wi-Fi problems, any deal that comes to carriers is by way of its very nature have rising pains. If you'll handle the occasional Plane mode toggle, you can have a possibility to peek into the long run: A land the place Apple gives customers a possibility to discover the sector with simply the AirPods and the Apple Watch, no slab of electronics-packed glass vital.

We aren't residing solely in that long term but. Battery existence, whilst now not horrible, is simply ok. Siri barriers stay Apple Watch from being as full-functioned as it's on iPhone. And the iPhone-LTE handoff is not as just right because it may well be.

However in case you are keen to handle some friction to are living within the fireplace, the Apple's Series 3 GPS + Mobile 38mm watch will get us as shut as we have now ever been. I indubitably am.

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