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Apple Watch Series 2 review: The best small smartwatch in the world

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Apple Watch Series 2 review: The best small smartwatch in the world

To in point of fact check Apple's latest wearable, I spent every week subjecting it to curler derby, dog-walking, Atlantic Ocean adventures, and extra.

The latest Apple Watch would possibly not glance very other from the Apple wearable we knew, beloved, and sometimes sought after to throw out a window when an app took too lengthy to load — however a lot has modified underneath the hood: a quicker processor and GPU, built-in GPS, higher water resistance for swimmers, and what may well be the unsung hero of this model — dramatically greater battery lifestyles, particularly on the 38mm watch.

I have appreciated Apple's wearable since its 2015 origins, however painful battery lifestyles and slow-loading apps have lengthy been some degree of consternation. Does the Apple Watch Series 2 triumph over those demanding situations? Learn (and watch) on to determine!

Checking out floor

Since mid-September, I have been checking out 4 38mm Apple Watch fashions: My unique "Series 0" Gold Aluminum, a Series 1 Rose Gold Aluminum, a Series 2 Area Gray, and a Series 2 Stainless Metal. This evaluation covers the latter two fashions, however from time to time, I wore all 4 (taking a look like the world's worst cool animated film watch salesman) to get comparability knowledge between Apple's more than a few smartwatches.

Over the previous couple of weeks, I have taken those watches wandering about New York, dunked them in the Atlantic Ocean, caught them beneath a wrist guard for curler derby, and recorded extra strolling exercises than I have almost certainly executed since getting my first-generation Apple Watch. (Plus: My canine have been overjoyed.)

The result's, I am hoping, an overly real-world check of the Series 2's new talents, health capacity, and battery lifestyles. I am not going to say that that is the best Apple Watch evaluation you wish to have to learn — however let's be fair, if you are studying my Apple Watch evaluate, you are more than likely taking a look at a host of others, too.


Let's get started with the fundamentals. In spite of its moniker, the $369+ Series 2 is, technically, the 3rd iteration of Apple's smartwatch; it replaces the now 18-month-old unique casing, which I have nicknamed "Series 0" (or "Series O," for Unique — take your pick out).

As an alternative of leaving Series 0 on sale as the entry-level style, then again, Apple made up our minds — somewhat rightfully, in my opinion — to provide a supercharged "tweener" model referred to as Series 1; beginning at $269, the type comprises the similar processor, GPU, and battery enhancements from Series 2, however packaged in the unique Series 0 casing — and handiest in Silver, Area Gray, Gold, or Rose Gold aluminum.

A snappy notice: Series 1 formally lists the S1P as its system-in-package, in distinction to the Series 2's S2: This refers to a board containing all the chips for the watch. Series 2 comprises GPS, which is why the two have separate names, however they each come with an equivalent processor and GPU method.

Series 1 and 2 have additionally abolished a few of the "titled" Apple Watch strains: The Game joins the Stainless Metal as being known as, merely, Apple Watch [insert color and material here]. The Version stays, even though it now comes in a extra cheap Ceramic end, and the different new strains are each partnerships: Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Nike+.

In spite of the naming nonsense, the exteriors of all 3 Apple Watches glance nearly similar. The Series 2 is a smidge thicker than previous models, however out of doors of bodily confirming this through taking a measuring stick with the casings, I have never spotted the distinction in day by day put on. We are at the level the place until the watch both will get noticeably heavier or thinner, maximum customers don't seem to be going to care or realize a method or the different. It is a bulkier watch than you would get dressed in a health tool or conventional wristwatch, completely; however that is the tradeoff for with the ability to cram a host of batteries and sensors right into a 38mm-sized casing. Having worn some of the larger Android options, I'm going to take "thick" over "makes my wrist glance adore it belongs on a 60s science-fiction display" any day.

The handiest variations you could realize are those: The whole Series 2 lineup has doubled the holes on its casing, going from two (for the mic and speaker) to 4 (two for each and every). Even though this would possibly appear an ordinary selection for a tool that is supposedly extra water-proof, it is in reality designed with stated swimproofing in thoughts: As with the iPhone 7, the additional holes permit the Watch's sensors to serve as correctly when uncovered to water.

Should you pick out up a Series 2 aluminum Apple Watch, you'll be able to additionally get a pleasant development to sturdiness: The rear casing (which protects your sensors) has been upgraded from a composite again to ceramic, like the remainder of the lineup. Although a minor trade, it will have to theoretically decrease the probability of rear casing scratches that would impede center fee sensors (an issue with a small choice of Series 0 customers).

Internally, despite the fact that, the Apple Watch has been utterly reengineered for velocity, longevity, and — most significantly — health.

Zoom, zoom, zoom

On the Series 2 Apple Watch, the entirety is quicker, smoother, and in most cases feels proper in some way the Series 0 didn't. For me, it is the watch I anticipated from Apple again in 2015; for lots of new customers, it is going to be a great access level into the smartwatch ecosystem.

That is not to mention that if you are retaining onto your Series 0, it is now rubbish: watchOS 3 does greatly improve app launch speed and basic smoothness on the method, and I see no issues for moderate customers with the ability to squeak any other complete yr of use out of it.

It is simply that Series 2 spoils you. It is like flying Virgin The united states/insert your airline of selection: Sitting in trainer is a horny respectable revel in, however whenever you improve to Primary Cabin Make a selection or First Elegance as soon as, it is onerous to return.

In all probability considered one of the maximum putting examples passed off in my Series 0 vs 1 vs 2 velocity exams: After a reboot, Series 2 introduced Dock-stored apps virtually right away. Series 1, launching the similar app, spun slowly for an extra 4 or 5 seconds ahead of booting. It is a small factor, however immeasurably necessary for consumer revel in.

Non-dock apps boot up quicker on Series 2, too, particularly if they have got been optimized for watchOS 3. Anything else that calls for a knowledge connection continues to be going to hold slightly (see: Maps instructions and Siri), despite the fact that I've spotted requests processing quicker on Wi-Fi.

Anecdotally, listed here are a couple of apps and lines that again and again stuck my eye whilst checking out Series 2 towards the different fashions:

  • The Digital camera Faraway is whiz-bang rapid on Series 2, and I have never but run into a type of terrible "Can not release Digital camera" mistakes. There also are new Digital camera controls in watchOS 3, together with Are living Pictures, HDR, and Flash, however nonetheless no option to body and document video, or to release iPhone 7 Plus's new Portrait mode.
  • Beginning a exercise from Siri is far quicker, there are little to no delays when beginning a exercise from the Exercise app
  • There is now no prolong in any way in the In finding My iPhone ping function.
  • Switching from watch head to head with the swipe gesture is clean and now not feels jerky

That stated, there are nonetheless quite a few spaces the place the Apple Watch may just enhance. Connectivity speeds are, sadly, by no means going to be nice till the Apple Watch has a mobile radio of its personal, this means that that up to I really like the use of Siri on the Watch, it is nonetheless going to once in a while be an workout in frustration. I respect watchOS 3's "I'm going to faucet you when I am in a position" alert when it has connection problems, however it is nonetheless traumatic to dictate a long message, wait 30 seconds, after which be informed that your Apple Watch can not hook up with Siri presently.

I virtually want the Apple Watch may just use a few of its onboard garage to in the community save the ones audio queries till a just right connection is established; you wish to have most effective run into the "Siri Now not To be had" error a couple of occasions sooner than you prevent depending on the Watch for audio instructions. And that is the reason a disgrace as a result of Siri on the Watch is rivaled handiest by way of the upcoming AirPods for its dictation readability.

Startup, repair, and tool updates stay excruciatingly sluggish on Series 2 — our exams had it take a whopping 1:40 in addition. In equity, that is a just right deal higher than the Series 0's dismal 2:20, however it is nonetheless now not nice, particularly when in comparison to the iPhone: Our iPhone 7 boot occasions averaged round 0:20.

Battery lifestyles to the rescue

Startup time is lovely necessary if you find yourself continuously killing your watch's battery, as I used to be with my 38mm Series 0. I knew the use of a 38mm watch used to be a bet again in 2015 given Apple's battery averages and its smaller casing — and thus, smaller battery — however the 42mm simply seemed chunky on my teensy stick wrists. (Boyfriend watches and I do not get alongside, I guess.)

After about six months dressed in the 38mm Series 0, my battery lifestyles would drop to about 40% through supper time. As such, I could not get thru a three-hour night curler derby follow with out sending it into Energy Reserve hell until I intentionally charged it for an hour prior to heading out.

I were given lovely just right at discovering rate occasions right through the day, however it regularly screwed up my Stand hours; and once in a while, even in spite of the additional juice, I would nonetheless kill the watch. If I did a morning exercise or stroll? Overlook it. And whilst watchOS 3 did very much enhance the Series 0's idle time — bumping it again as much as round 60% pre-workout — a just right spherical of skating nonetheless despatched me house with a lifeless watch.

I say all this to provide context to my Series 2 stories: In spite of a number of weeks of lovely in-depth checking out, I've but to ship both the aluminum nor metal watch to Energy Reserve mode.

In the beginning, I handled the 38mm Series 2 in the similar subtle means I would used the Series 0: Minimal display brightness, no Carry to Wake, letting the watch's passive center readings dictate all non-derby task. After in the future of this? My battery lifestyles learn 89%.

So I were given slightly extra bold. I added a morning cross-training Different exercise. Finish of day battery lifestyles? 39%.

I maxed the brightness to its 1000-nit glory, enabled lift to wake, and took it to a two-hour derby follow, doing an Different skating exercise. Finish of day: 25%.

K, high quality, a four-hour derby follow: 20%.

At this level, I felt a bit mad with energy. Throughout a three-watch day, I subjected all of my watches to a morning stroll sans iPhones — the Apple Watch Series 2 fashions have been on GPS, the others have been simply "Disconnected" and in search of a connection — adopted by way of getting Maps instructions to Starbucks, sending a couple of Siri messages, studying some notifications, launching a 3rd birthday party app, the use of the Digital camera Faraway, and, in the night, skating for 2 hours. At 11:17PM, the Apple Watch Series 2 learn 18%. (The Series 1 used to be at 20%; the Series 0 used to be lengthy since lifeless.)

Those are in no method complete or clean-room battery checks, and should not be taken as such. I have been dressed in the more than a few collection watches on other wrists, for one, and feature put them on at fairly other occasions each and every morning, starting from 8AM to 11AM (despite the fact that head-to-head watch exams have been all the time placed on concurrently, ranging from 100% rate).

However the ones caveats apart: I am moderately frankly blown away by way of the battery lifestyles on the 38mm Series 2 type. Apple had me awfully frightened all through the Apple Watch Series 2 announcement when presenters made no point out of progressed battery, and I won my evaluate unit lovely all in favour of the feasibility of dressed in 38mm going ahead, particularly with GPS and a brighter display offering additional battery-draining alternatives.

As an alternative, the smallest Series 2 watch beneath guarantees and over delivers in the best imaginable means. Despite the fact that now not marketed, it does have a moderately larger battery; the S2 processor and watchOS 3 additionally do a super task at energy control and decreasing battery drain each time imaginable. That is maximum obvious in exercises: a morning cross-training exercise dropped my battery from 100% to 89%; the similar exercise on the Series 0 put it at 53%. Relatively shockingly, I additionally noticed little to no distinction in day-over-day battery lifestyles on Series 2 when enabling full-screen brightness on my Apple Watch or Lift to Wake, options I would in the past have shyed away from like the plague.

Even GPS, whilst challenging, is not the battery hog I assumed it will be. That is in phase because of the Apple Watch's insistence on slaving to the iPhone on every occasion imaginable — if it is hooked up on your iPhone, it's going to all the time choose the iPhone's GPS sign to its personal. (You'll be able to drive the Watch to trace GPS as an alternative through enabling Plane mode for your iPhone, however remember: The watch would possibly not right away acknowledge that it wishes to modify over, which would possibly give the get started of your stroll an overly peculiar GPS location.) GPS additionally in large part most effective flips on for out of doors strolling and operating exercises.

I took a Series 1 and Series 2 Watch out on a no-iPhone stroll, disconnecting each from their dad or mum units ahead of starting. They each began at 100%; 44 mins later, the Series 1 watch, missing GPS, used to be at 87%, whilst the Series 2 used to be decrease, at 70% — a good 17% distinction. (Through time for dinner, the watches have been at 73% and 59%, respectively.) I do be expecting longer bouts with GPS to additional drain the battery, however I believe you'll be able to nonetheless get a lovely decent 3-4 hour exercise from the watch.

In the event you do fall into the "I want a hardcore workout watch with the battery to strengthen it" class, you will need to do one (or all) of the following issues:

  1. Get an exterior center price track to lighten the Apple Watch's load.
  2. In the event you care about exercises however now not GPS, allow Plane mode while you get started a exercise. Doing this with a Series 1 vs Series 2 gave me a whopping 65% final battery lifestyles vs 25% after 161 mins of workout at the finish of the day.

  3. Purchase the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2, which has a good larger battery lifestyles. Good friend of iMore Michael Fisher (AKA Mr Mobile) were given 3+ days of utilization together with his 42mm watch, despite the fact that admittedly sans exercises.

Yeah, I figure out

The place battery is the unsung hero of Series 2, health is the marquee function: "The Apple Watch is not just a perfect health software, however it is now a perfect health software for runners and swimmers!"

Unfortunately, I'm neither a runner nor a standard swimmer. (Sorry, Apple advertising. For those who ever unencumber a right kind Curler Derby exercise mode, I will be able to be far and wide that.) However that does not imply I utterly unnoticed the watch's new health options. I'm an avid walker — in part for exploring, in part for dog-walking functions — and I do know sufficient about swimming to no less than be bad… smartly, most commonly to myself.

See, I had a super plan to check the Apple Watch Series 2's new pool swim and open water swim choices, which concerned our native YMCA. Once I struck in the market, then again, I made up our minds that relatively than depart the swim exams to the pros, I would move dunk in the Atlantic Ocean for a brief swim consultation. In mid-September.

Nope, almost certainly now not my best concept. However although the water used to be a undeniable frigid temperature too foul to call in this web site, it used to be no less than heat out of doors, and I had a heat automotive to go back to. And I were given my temporary check in and some candy (albeit temporary) pictures of the preliminary dunking on my iPhone 7 Plus. (I didn't take the Plus with me on the exact swimming exercise: I did not in particular need to check the restrict of the phone's water resistance, nor did I've any nice want to lose my Jet Black iPhone in the jet black undertow of the ocean.)

I went into the Atlantic Ocean in September to test the Watch's GPS tracking. BRR.

A video posted through Ren Caldwell (@settern) on

While you swim in open water, your Apple Watch will create a GPS-based swimming map so that you can take a look at later on. GPS alerts do not penetrate water, so the Watch grabs a connection any time your hand is above water mid-stroke. This pitch sounded lovely dicey to me — that is an overly brief period of time to correctly communicate to a satellite tv for pc — however in my temporary 10-minute check, it labored lovely smartly. (Admittedly, now not exhausting to do, for the reason that I swam immediately out, then immediately again.) The ensuing exercise in the Process app additionally makes an attempt to investigate your dominant stroke, distance, and tempo.

All in all, a a laugh experiment, despite the fact that I would love to peer skilled athletes give this a extra thorough check — no doubt the drag of an Apple Watch would not decelerate the lap time of champion swimmer Katie Ledecky.

The moderate non-swimming consumer will more than likely in finding extra enjoyment over the Apple Watch's new Water lock, then again: Whether or not you dunk your watch in tub water or dishwater, you'll be able to use the Water lock button on Keep an eye on Middle to forcefully eject any water that is crept into your Apple Watch's speaker. The beep-beep-beep of the speaker mixed with the tiny spit of water is just too as regards to a Superstar Wars droid motion for me to now not like it, and up to it serves a realistic function, additionally it is going to please a large number of customers (and their pals).

Of Series 2's new health options, built-in GPS for walkers and runners is most probably the larger promoting level. I have extremely loved with the ability to depart my iPhone (and its many "PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW" notifications) at house whilst strolling the canine round our community or exploring native parks, understanding I'm going to nonetheless get a tight course map at the finish of the adventure.

If you are anticipating GPS that will help you cheat at Fall corn mazes, on the other hand, you will be disenchanted: Whilst I discovered the Apple Watch's GPS to be quite correct on roads and marked trails, it has issues of off-road process that strikes temporarily, depending on estimated mapping and curves to fill in the gaps. Every now and then, that works smartly; from time to time, it effects in a large number of squiggles.

One observe on GPS for older Apple Watch customers: Despite the fact that you've a Series 1 or 0 Apple Watch, so long as you stay your iPhone within reach, you'll be able to nonetheless get the ones nifty direction maps in Process.

What about the Series 1?

I'm going to have a separate (smaller) evaluation coming quickly, however necessarily: If you wish to have the velocity and battery options of the Series 2 however do not care about built-in GPS, swim-proofing, a ceramic rear casing, the brighter display, or the non-aluminum Apple Watch fashions, you would love a Series 1. With the exception of GPS, I noticed little or no variations between Series 1 and 2 benchmarks in my checking out.

Base line

The Series 2 Apple Watch is not the progressive improve some other people have been hoping for, and that is the reason k. A lot as I might have liked an eye with mobile connectivity, I used to be a lot more in want of an eye with spectacular battery lifestyles and velocity enhancements. And that is the reason what Series 2 has delivered.

May just it's additional stepped forward? All the time. True all-day battery lifestyles is superb; multi-day battery lifestyles and sleep monitoring can be higher. Center price monitoring is forged, however nonetheless runs into issues of bent wrists and black tattoos. It's one in every of the few Apple merchandise that may just stand to be thinner. And as great an improve as watchOS 3 is, I nonetheless yearn for customized watch faces, offline Siri, and officially-supported skating exercises. However this looks like the proper step ahead from Apple in the smartwatch ecosystem, particularly when checked out in conjunction with pieces like AirPods and the new iPhone fashions. Iterate, spotlight what is running, repair what is now not.

Should you are not looking for GPS or do not spend a lot time in the water, Series 2 is probably not for you. Series 0 and watchOS 3 stay a just right pairing, and can most probably ultimate you till the subsequent improve cycle; if you are impatient however price-conscious, Series 1 is a forged improve, particularly for 38mm customers.

However even missing in common swimming actions, Series 2 used to be a very easy improve selection for me. I will be able to see dressed in it on my wrist for a number of years — and additionally it is why I upgraded to the chrome steel model this time round. I championed the unique Apple Watch for what it may well be — I am championing the Series 2 as a result of what it is: A really perfect smartwatch that is helping me stay my iPhone in my pocket, monitor my exercises, and ship foolish messages to my pals. It is also the best sub-42mm smartwatch on the marketplace, arms down. It is comfy, it seems great on smaller wrists, and this era in fact delivers upon the all-day battery lifestyles teased in Series 0.


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