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Apple TV 5 wish list: 4K and HDR support

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Apple TV 5 wish list: 4K and HDR support

Monitors don't seem to be simply getting denser, they are getting deeper — and that suggests 4K and HDR are shifting from nice-to-have to must-have.

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The present Apple TV tops out at 1080p. It is a rock-solid 60 frames-per-second (fps) 1080p, however it is nonetheless 1080p. Likewise, it solely helps the sRGB colour same old. Would it be nice, although, if the next-generation Apple TV 5 may just do extra — if it might care for 4K and DCI-P3?

Going dense, going deep

Apple TV 4 debuted with an Apple A8 processor. It used to be tough for its time, riding iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, however 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps in sRGB used to be as a lot and as rapid as it might move. There is not any tool update on the planet that may trade that, which is why that is an merchandise on my Apple TV 5 wish listing and now not on my tvos-11 wish record.

But Apple already makes merchandise that do move to 4K and DCI-P3 … and past. The 2014 iMacs hit 5K and the 2015 iMac added a smaller 4K model and DCI-P3. iOS 10 and macOS Sierra each added pervasive support for now not solely DCI-P3, however even Rec. 2020, the subsequent era, even wider gamut colour profile.

So, if Apple's already supporting 5K and making plans support for Rec. 2020, why does not Apple TV support 4K and DCI-P3?

Again to that Apple A8 processor and the cost level Apple used to be looking to hit in 2015 — $149 at the lowest finish.

In the meantime, 4K televisions with top dynamic vary (HDR) have already hit the marketplace, albeit the top finish of the marketplace.

(If you do not assume HDR is as essential as 4K, mavens will inform you a 1080p film in HDR incessantly impresses check audiences greater than a 4K film in same old colour — I have noticed the comparisons are living and I am susceptible to agree. Strongly.)

Riding presentations

Now it is a yr later, even though, and Apple has since shipped the A9X-powered 9.7-inch iPad Professional with DCI-P3, and the A10 Fusion powered iPhone 7 with DCI-P3 (even though it nonetheless maxes out at 1080p at the Plus aspect.)

May just Apple put an A9 chipset right into a subsequent era TV field, may just A9 — with H.265 HEVC support baked-in — pressure a 4K HDR tv, and may just it do it for $199? If any of that math does not paintings, may just Apple do an Apple TV Plus with higher specifications for $100 to $120 extra, and would folks with 4K HDR televisions be prepared to pay the top class?

I have no idea the solutions to any of the ones questions, however I know I would adore it if Apple figured all of it out and introduced it once imaginable.

Hanging the Okay in content material

As pleasant as more recent, higher hardware can be, it will additionally want more recent, higher content material to play on it. Netflix and a couple of different products and services already scale to 4K when bandwidth lets in it, but when Apple introduced a 4K Apple TV, they would additionally need to announce 4K iTunes.

Hollywood in most cases disallows upgrades on video content material, so we're going to perhaps should re-buy the 4K model of anything else we have already got in HD — and at complete worth, since Hollywood additionally hates reductions — however going ahead, for brand spanking new and newly launched titles, it might convey iTunes again to the state of the art.

Your Apple TV wish record?

How necessary are 4K and HDR to you? Would you wish to have them within the next-generation Apple TV?


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