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Apple posts new resources to help you design your iPhone app

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Apple posts new resources to help you design your iPhone app

Those new resources are intended to information developers in construction their apps.

Apple has up to date its iOS Human Interface Tips with a suite of resources that developers can use when construction apps for iOS 10. Those resources are to be had as templates each for Photoshop and Cartoon.

From Apple:

The Apple UI Design Resources come with Photoshop and Comic strip templates, and different UI fabrics for temporarily designing iOS apps. The incorporated resources are complete and correctly depict the total vary of UIKit controls, perspectives and glyphs to be had to developers the use of the iOS SDK. They make it more uncomplicated to know the way iOS apps are built and the way to design apps that fit the iOS design language. Incorporated icon and glyph manufacturing information were preconfigured to automate asset manufacturing the use of Comic strip slices or Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC.

You'll be able to obtain each templates now at once from Apple. The corporate has additionally supplied a lot of movies about those templates, comparable to an summary of what is incorporated and the way they may be able to be used.


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