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A New Pokemon RPG game is coming to Nintendo Switch … in more than a year

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A New Pokemon RPG game is coming to Nintendo Switch … in more than a year

Nintendo simply introduced that there shall be a Pokémon RPG coming to the Switch, perhaps more than a year from now.

In all probability some of the very best issues to pop out this year on the E3 gaming expo (no less than in my opinion), is that Nintendo introduced a Pokémon role-playing game (RPG) name coming to Switch. There used to be virtually 0 knowledge to be had with the announcement, Pokémon Corporate's Tsunekazu Ishihara solely stated that Game Freak is running on it and it "would possibly not unlock for more than a year."

That is each irritating and the most productive information I have heard in a very long time.

Pokémon does not see a lot of console game love. Pokkén Event, which is recently to be had on Wii U and can come to Switch as a deluxe model in 2018, is the most recent in the lineup, however it is a fight game, now not an RPG. So far as I do know, there hasn't been a true RPG Pokémon name on console. N64 had Pokémon Snap, which might kind of be thought to be RPG, however it is in reality more of an on-rails first-person shooter with a digital camera as an alternative of a gun.

As a result of there have been no information about what this RPG is going to be, we will be able to solely speculate on its content material. I will be able to't believe what this upcoming name shall be like. I additionally can not wait to move on an journey thru some other new area with all-new Pokemon to catch and new pals to meet.

OK, so are you in spite of everything getting serious about Switch with a new Pokémon RPG name coming?


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