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YotaPhone 3 and YotaPhone 2c in the works, company says

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YotaPhone 3 and YotaPhone 2c in the works, company says


In an interview with on-line newsletter Techno Buffalo, Yota’s Managing Director for the Americas Matthew Kelly has showed a successor to the YotaPhone 2, the YotaPhone 3, at the side of some other tool–the YotaPhone 2c.

This comes not long after the funding of the Indiegogo campaign that will bring the YotaPhone 2 to the US this August. The YotaPhone 2 is already an impressive handset, the YotaPhone 3 will have to be even higher with a greater chipset and processor, extra RAM, a fantastic primary show, higher cameras, and a stronger e-Ink show. Who is aware of, relying on once they plan to release the tool, perhaps it’ll also be operating Android H out of the field?

While the prospect of a YotaPhone 3 is not anything however spectacular, the YotaPhone 2c won’t be a bad performer either. It’s the cheap model of its large brother, the YotaPhone 2. It’s stated to to eliminate a large number of the “top class” options the YotaPhone 2 has. We’re now not positive what options they’ll be nixing, however it’ll for sure be extra pleasant for the ones on the cheap, in contrast to the YotaPhone 2.

There is a clause on whether or not the YotaPhone 2 will get a successor, although. The YotaPhone 3 is covered up as their subsequent successor, however Kelly says the YotaPhone 2 has to promote first. In different phrases, it hasn’t performed really well to this point, and they’re almost certainly ready to peer simply how smartly the tool does in the US come August.

What do you bring to mind a YotaPhone 3?

source: Techno Buffalo

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