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What does the color of your new Galaxy S6 say about you?

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What does the color of your new Galaxy S6 say about you?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have been launched in 5 colours to begin with which, out of doors of Motorola’s Moto Maker units, is a rather wide range. With this many choices, Samsung hopes consumers will discover a color they're interested in which can make gross sales somewhat more uncomplicated. S purchaser’s color selection may just additionally screen slightly bit about their character in line with British psychologist Donna Dawson.

Dawson just lately supplied temporary profiles of the sort of one that would possibly choose each and every of the colours Samsung makes to be had. Some of the highlights come with:

  • Gold Platinum – “People who select gold as their most well-liked color are striving for prosperity, monetary good fortune and common contentment. They have a tendency to be luxurious-loving and revel in the finer issues of lifestyles, indulging each time they may be able to (now and again even if they can not!). They are outgoing, heat, and revel in the corporate of others. They additionally have a tendency to have robust instinct.”
  • Green Emerald – “People who make a selection inexperienced as their most well-liked color have a tendency to be balanced, unswerving, exhausting-running, fair, benevolent and anxious for others. They have a tendency to be (or aspire to be) just right electorate with a extremely-evolved conscience and a want for simplicity.”
  • Blue Topaz – “People who make a selection Samsung’s Blue Topaz as their most well-liked color are self-assured, fastidious, discriminating, delicate, exacting, and intuitive. These other folks in reality want to be beloved, and in addition lengthy for private safety. The brightness of the color will draw in people who find themselves already self-assured.”
  • White Pearl – “People who select white as their most well-liked color have a tendency to be standing-in quest of extroverts. Because white incorporates all the different colours, it's the different twin-natured color aside from black. It can constitute knowledge, honesty and purity; but in addition brashness, an open nature and over-trust.”
  • Black Sapphire – “…the one that chooses black as their most well-liked color is striving to be known for his or her individualism, independence and their skill to stick aloof from the crowd, to play their playing cards on the subject of their chest, and to be a pace-setter. They also are hinting at their sexual attract and tool, in addition to their hidden depths.”

Based on your color choice for a phone, do you assume Dawson’s descriptions are correct?

source: Samsung

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