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Video: Checkout the LG G6 Square Camera Mode

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Video: Checkout the LG G6 Square Camera Mode

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As part of a teaser for the new UX we’ll see in the upcoming LG G6, LG talked a lot about squares and the incontrovertible fact that the phone’s 18:9 show ratio lets in for best 1×1 viewing of content material. As an example, this sizing would permit for a digital camera to shoot 1×1 squares (for issues Instagram), whilst viewing the shot in an identical 1×1 sq. panel subsequent door, virtually in real-time. 

To visualise to us how this works, LG uploaded the video you’ll see beneath. It presentations the G6 UI, with “Square” digital camera mode opened. As the video runs thru snapping pictures in a sq. viewfinder, you get to view the photographs taken right away after in a 2d, matching sq. viewer.

That’s clearly a lovely cool trick for many who need that fast preview with no need to faucet a thumbnail that opens up a gallery or Pictures app. You'll be able to come to a decision proper there if any other shot is wanted, if it’s framed smartly, or if you wish to have to regulate anything else prior to snapping any other.

Oh, and yep, the ones are rounded UI corners.

Video: Checkout the LG G6 Square Camera Mode is a submit from: Droid Life


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