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The HTC One M7 just might get the Android 5.1 update after all…

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The HTC One M7 just might get the Android 5.1 update after all…


It’s just a few days in the past that we reported that the inventory version of the HTC One M7 can be marooned on Android 5.0.2 at the same time as the GPE M7 can be up to date to Android 5.1. Understandably, this information disappointed a few M7 house owners who have been at a loss for words approximately how the 5.1 update may well be classed as a massive update to the Android running device because it is composed basically of tweaks and insect fixes. There could also be a few lead to for wish even though.

As you'll be able to see from the tweet above, the outcry may appear to have had a few impact on HTC, with the Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi, once more taking to Twitter to speak about the topic. The tweet isn't a concrete dedication to updating the HTC One M7 handset to Android 5.1 in any respect, however it’s higher than a flat-out bad. Mo Versi did emphasize that lots of the Android 5.1 trojan horse fixes had already been implemented to the present firmware.

With readers making feedback comparable to the one under, it’s transparent that HTC might have made a mistake in determining to update the GPE model to Android 5.1, however now not the inventory version that makes use of the similar hardware.

“Time to seem into a brand new telephone and new telephone production corporate as htc just misplaced my enhance.”

If HTC does certainly update the inventory M7 to Android 5.1 in spite of it already having won the 2 years of promised ‘Major’ updates, it might garner HTC a few so much-wanted goodwill and loyalty from its enthusiasts. This goodwill and loyalty may just smartly translate into gross sales and that may be one thing that HTC can’t manage to pay for to throw away. We should watch for HTC to stay or twist relating to this topic, however right here’s hoping that the can see the possibility to grasp a few just right PR from the state of affairs. A bet we will be able to have to attend till Mo Versi mentions the matter on Twitter once more to determine the result.

Source: @moversi

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