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#TBT: When Sticking the S-Pen in Backwards Broke Your Galaxy Note 5

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#TBT: When Sticking the S-Pen in Backwards Broke Your Galaxy Note 5

Does any person right here consider the mini controversy surrounding the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 5? If now not, permit me to refresh your it sounds as if deteriorating reminiscence.

Virtually three hundred and sixty five days in the past nowadays, we sent out a PSA, pointing out that you simply will have to by no means insert the S-Pen into your Galaxy Note 5 backwards. We weren’t pronouncing this as a result of we're OCD weirdos or anything else, however in reality, doing so broke the mechanism the tool makes use of to discover the S-Pen has both been inserted or got rid of. When it involves using S-Pen tool correctly, having a damaged S-Pen detection mechanism is an enormous deal.

In the beginning, nobody knew who accountable. Can we blame Samsung for this sort of silly design? I imply, how may just Samsung now not have the foresight to peer this taking place? Can we blame the consumer? It’s obtrusive that every one shoppers are dumb, proper? That’s sarcasm, by way of the method. The best way I noticed it, this factor is totally Samsung’s fault. Positive, other folks will have to be extra cautious, however being cautious doesn’t prevent a tender kid from by chance sticking an S-Pen in backwards. What if it’s darkish and also you simply so occur to insert it backwards? The purpose is, injuries do occur, however if sticking in the S-Pen backwards necessarily destroys your tool, this turns out unacceptable.

In a while in spite of everything of this commotion, many YouTube videos were released, detailing how other folks may just repair their Galaxy Note 5. On the other hand, they may handiest be fastened for those who hadn’t already forcefully yanked the S-Pen from the phone. Unfortunately, I don’t assume somebody waited round for those movies to be revealed sooner than looking to pull it out. Humorous sufficient, a unmarried piece of paper, folded ever-so-perfectly used to be all that used to be wanted for the correction operation.

Lately, with the release of the Galaxy Note 7, you are going to feel free to understand that Samsung has fastened the factor, and sticking in the S-Pen backwards isn't imaginable. See, I informed you it used to be Samsung’s fault.

In the event you have been one in every of the deficient souls that were given your S-Pen caught inside the Galaxy Note 5, please, percentage your tale beneath and we promise to not level and snicker.

#TBT: When Sticking the S-Pen in Backwards Broke Your Galaxy Note 5 is a publish from: Droid Life


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