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T-Mobile Adds New Services to Binge On, Makes It Easier to Turn Off

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T-Mobile Adds New Services to Binge On, Makes It Easier to Turn Off

T-Mobile introduced that a handful of latest products and services have joined their Binge On video streaming software, this morning, however in doing so, additionally tried to supply extra of the similar narrative as they did all the way through the embarrassing, combative outburst CEO John Legere paraded round in advance within the month in beef up of it. This time, although, they would like you to recognize that their consumers assume it’s the best factor ever. Of direction, that’s by no means been our drawback with Binge On, however Legere refuses to recognize that and cope with any of the actual considerations folks have with it.

Outside of the buyer survey knowledge, they're additionally giving consumers more uncomplicated ways to turn Binge On on or off

The new products and services becoming a member of Binge On are Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW, and WWE Network. You’ll realize that YouTube continues to be now not part of the thrill. Like with the remainder of the partnered Binge On video products and services, you'll be able to now watch video from all 4 of the ones products and services with out the streams counting towards your knowledge bucket. Of direction, the video shall be throttled to 480p.

As for the scoop surrounding T-Mobile’s consumers appearing beef up, that is what T-Mobile is sharing from knowledge they have got accumulated and a survey they took of Binge On customers:

  • Customers with restricted top-velocity knowledge who qualify free of charge Binge On streaming are gazing greater than two times as many hours in line with day from loose products and services than sooner than.
  • One best video carrier, incorporated within the listing of products and services that movement with out consuming up your knowledge, is seeing a 79% leap in day by day audience.
  • Another best video carrier, now not but incorporated within the Binge On record of loose products and services, is seeing consumers watch 33% extra hours than ahead of, thank you to Binge On optimization offering up to 3x extra video from their knowledge plan
  • Since launching Binge On, T-Mobile consumers have streamed 34 petabytes totally free.  That’s 34 million gigabytes – the identical of greater than 109 million episodes of Game of Thrones at DVD high quality (480p)!
  • 92% of T-Mobile consumers surveyed stated they’ll watch extra video with Binge On, and 93% stated they prefer the theory of getting all video optimized to DVD high quality so they may be able to watch 3x extra the use of the same quantity of top-velocity knowledge. And, apparently, 69% of consumers with the antique providers stated they’d be expecting to have to pay additional for Binge On.

So individuals are eating extra video than ever now that they have got Binge On. Except, wasn’t John Legere concerned approximately other folks now not figuring out approximately Binge On, and in order that’s why they became it on for all consumers (together with the ones on limitless plans) via default, making it an choose-out carrier? Ugh, O don’t need to move down that street once more. You men know how I feel about Binge On and the way it was implemented.

All of that apart, T-Mobile is making it more uncomplicated than ever to activate or off. To achieve this by the use of dialer, you “Just dial #BNG# (#264#) and hit ship to test your settings, #BOF# (#263#) to flip it off and #BON# (#266#) to activate Binge On.” If the dialer trick doesn’t appear to be running, T-Mobile has additionally introduced a shortcut to Binge On settings on your plan main points field at the beginning web page of your My T-Mobile account. They additionally up to date their My T-Mobile app to make it more uncomplicated, despite the fact that that update will roll out slowly to Android customers.

Tell us – are you observing extra video than ever as a result of Binge On?

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