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Samsung drops yet another teaser for the ‘Metal’ Galaxy S6

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Samsung drops yet another teaser for the ‘Metal’ Galaxy S6


In case you had any doubt that a new Galaxy flagship might be introduced on March 1st, Samsung Mobile has allow unfastened with yet another video teaser. This time, the South Korean tech large is subtly letting slip that the Galaxy S6 is built out of steel, as noticed in the video under.

With profound words akin to “Tomorrow, metals will go with the flow”, “Beauty shall be tough”, “Borders will disappear”, “Reflections might be loose” and “The long run will probably be the provide” being utilized in the video, it’s simple to leap to a couple of conclusions. Firstly, that the Galaxy S6 has a metal build, a lovely, sleek design in addition to a few kind of anti-mirrored image coating on the show. The ultimate end can be that whilst the Galaxy S6′s statement is in the long run, that date getting nearer and nearer and can quickly be these days.

Other than the statement date in fact, the remainder of the ‘conclusions’ are simply conjecture, albeit with plenty of circumstantial proof. As Samsung says, “Tomorrow will quickly be the provide”, and it isn’t lengthy till March 1st comes round to make the whole thing legitimate. Until then, you'll be able to make certain that Samsung will proceed its media blitz with much more teasers to maintain the hype for the upcoming Galaxy S6.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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