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Report: This Year’s Nexus Phones Won’t be Nexus Phones

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Report: This Year’s Nexus Phones Won’t be Nexus Phones

Because the leaks have trickled out in recent months surrounding the rumored two Nexus telephones for 2016, made by HTC, attainable names have now not been part of the equation. Why? That’s a query we don’t have a solution to, however I feel it’s protected to mention that a few of the ones rumors have been bearing in mind the concept those would possibly now not finally end up being Nexus telephones, no less than in identify. In keeping with a record out of Android Central, that’s precisely what we will have to be expecting to occur. Actually, their resources are underneath the impact that the HTC-made telephones will arrive beneath a unique logo identify altogether. 

No bodily proof or imaginable branding or identify choices got within the document, however they do make it sound like all the leaks hinting at delicate tool tweaks right here and there out of doors of solid Android Nougat that simply launched, are some type of proof that Google goes a special direction. On the other hand, LG simply teased the V20 yesterday in a video on Twitter with a identical setup to what earlier leaks have been appearing as some kind of Nexus revel in. Truthfully, I don’t know what to consider.

On one hand, we’ve noticed no proof of Nexus branding on any leak, together with these images of a prototype device. Even the staff at Android Police, who've been main the HTC Nexus leak price appear to once in a while use quotations across the phrase “Nexus,” as though they aren’t sure the telephones will be Nexus both.

Then again, simply 3 months in the past, Google CEO Sundar Pichai informed Recode that they are “investing more effort” into Nexus phones and that they see alternative to “put extra idea” into them going ahead. The precise quote is:

“Lately we do it as Nexus units…we're making an investment extra effort into them. You’ll see us put extra idea into our Nexus units going ahead.”

This used to be 3 months in the past and the pinnacle of Google referred to as them Nexus units over and over again, talked of long run Nexus units, and made no point out of them ditching the logo. He did, then again, communicate so much about tweaking the tool revel in to a few type of proprietary revel in that might be unique to Nexus telephones. And that’s precisely what quite a lot of the leaks have proven, particularly now that Nougat is to be had.

I will have to indicate that a leaked “sailfish” ROM that used to be despatched to us weeks in the past has each the Nexus Launcher and Nexus Wallpaper picker, amongst different Nexus-related notes. I’m speaking about the truth that those information have the identify “Nexus” in them. Have a look.


Let’s additionally now not overlook that the FCC submitting for the 2 new HTC-made Nexus telephones each stated to seek out the consumer information for each and every at And I am getting that Google may just simply transfer issues up, transfer these things round, exchange branding, they usually had to record one thing there for a minute to get the whole thing squared away on the FCC sooner than release. Or perhaps they’ll simply be new Nexus telephones.

Or perhaps they aren’t going to be Nexus telephones? Glance, Google does a number of bizarre shit. Bear in mind when the Android Marketplace abruptly become Google Play? Or when they released Google Spaces, principally simply as an app for I/O attendees to play with for 3 days? Google does issues that the majority folks can’t give an explanation for, however they frequently figure out, which I’m positive will be the case in the event that they do ditch the Nexus logo. Google may just really well transfer issues up and create a brand new logo of telephones. Perhaps they’ll call these new phones the Google S1 and Google M1 with the “Nexus Revel in.”

No matter occurs, they’ll nonetheless be the telephones for die-hards such as you and I. The large play will be whether or not or now not everybody else will see the worth that we do. Perhaps a branding exchange will lend a hand do this.

By means of:  Android Central

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