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Report: Next Galaxy Note May be the Note 7, Not Note 6

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Report: Next Galaxy Note May be the Note 7, Not Note 6

In the whacky global of smartphone advertising, it's going to appear atypical to have two lineups of units now not on the similar number-naming construction. At Samsung, we've got the Galaxy S line, in addition to the Galaxy Note line, however those lineups don't seem to be on the similar quantity, and it seems that, that’s an issue. This factor, if it even is an factor, originates from Samsung freeing the first Galaxy Note software 12 months later (October, 2011) than the first Galaxy S (June, 2010). As a result of this time distinction, it has brought about the two lineups to be out of sync in the numbering construction.

Nowadays, the newest Galaxy S on the marketplace is the Galaxy S7, and the newest Galaxy Note is the Galaxy Note 5. Note that the subsequent Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note 6, is most probably most effective a couple of months clear of release. Smartly, in line with the newest out of the country document that cites business insiders, Samsung would possibly skip the “Galaxy Note 6” identify utterly, and as an alternative, will unlock the Galaxy Note 7 to head proper along the in style Galaxy S7. 

Said in the document, Samsung needs to get rid of any inconsistency it lately has with the numbering construction, so leaping forward to the Galaxy Note 7 turns out to unravel that factor solely for them. Then again, to my recollection, skipping a host in a chain of smartphones has now not been accomplished prior to, by way of any corporate, so we gained’t know the imaginable impacts it has on the unbeknownst populace. Will moderate shoppers even realize that “6” has been skipped, or will there most effective be a couple of indignant bloggers?

In accordance a reported high-ranking consultant of the telecommunications business,”When Galaxy Note 6 has its type quantity not up to Galaxy S7, which is the latest type, is launched, it may give out a sense that it's an out of date phone. It's recognized that Samsung Electronics has made the numbers similar to unify a top class symbol.”

This is undoubtedly a controversy Samsung could make, however when you question me, the proven fact that the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S line don't seem to be the similar is ok through me. The corporate continues to promote tens of millions of telephones, so I don’t get the sense they have got been dropping industry as a result of numbering. That is the first document we've noticed that describes a possible identify exchange, and as we get somewhat nearer to an unveiling, we will be able to definitely stay you posted.

I assume this solutions the “Why used to be 6 frightened of 7?” query lovely smartly.

By means of: ET News

Report: Next Galaxy Note May be the Note 7, Not Note 6 is a submit from: Droid Life


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