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Patent Reveals the Past (and Future?) of Google Glass

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Patent Reveals the Past (and Future?) of Google Glass

google-glassO patent lately revealed on the USPTO’s web site filed by way of Google in 2011 presentations the concept that Google could have had for Google Glass. One of the diagrams, proven under, presentations Google’s concept for the form of the glasses, the positioning of the digital camera, and the region of the processor and projector of the glasses.

google-glass-prototype-patent-image-1-640x664The glasses are much less of the minimalist taste we’ve noticed just lately and extra alongside the strains of protecting goggles, which can be a helpful function: in case you’ve found out one thing superior sufficient to video out of your head, there’s an excellent chance you must get harm doing it. The digital camera is located in the middle of the glasses, which makes them glance ungainly in the sketches (which, in keeping with so much shoppers’ feelings approximately the present layout, doesn’t vary so much from the present layout.

Something else very fascinating approximately the diagrams is the projection functions. The processor is located on one of the glasses’ temples, however each lenses may be able to relay knowledge as a result of there being a projector for each and every one. This layout is an development over the present one-eye gadget, and may just come up with an opportunity to diversify the knowledge being relayed to you in each and every eye.

Based on a few of the layout quirks, and layout enhancements, it’s affordable to consider that this prototype illustrated right through the patent is a hodge-podge of previous and long run concepts, and we could possibly be expecting a few of those options, like twin-eyed presentations, to be incorporated in long run fashions.

What do you assume? What’s Google’s subsequent Glass transfer? Check out the unique patent record beneath after which provide us your opinion!

Source: USPTO

Via: Phandroid

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