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Love Marvel? Here Is The Fantastic Four Game Review

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Love Marvel? Here Is The Fantastic Four Game Review


Pokies Made Fantastic

The online gambling scene is taken by storm by the recent Fantastic Four themes pokies game. Combining the excitement of pokies with the wonder of Fantastic Four, this game is path-breaking in its conception.

Pokies: A Primer

Pokies are a modified Casino game which combines some of the strategies of Poker with all of the excitement of Slots. Online pokies game takes it a step further and allows you to play pokies from the comfort of your home. All you need is the Internet.


The way this works is that there are multiple reels, each of which has a bunch of symbols on them. You press a button and the different reels start spinning. Based on a number which is randomly generated by a program, each reel stops at an arbitrary position. The reels show one or more symbols based on the number of lines the game allows you to play with. If you have a winning combination with the symbols shown on the different reels, you win the Jackpot. Simple as that!

A new spin on an old tale

This new Fantastic Four version of pokies adds a dash of zing to the traditional game. All the symbols in this game are related to the Fantastic Four Universe. Moreover, they’ve added a mind-boggling 50 lines for the player to use.

So you have the ironically cool Human Torch, The Thing, the alluring Invisible Woman, and of course – Mr. Fantastic! Additional symbols include the Four’s arch villain Dr. Doom, the Earth, the Fantastic Four logo and a symbol of the whole team.

The Special Cards

You have special symbols like wild cards and scatter symbols too.

Wild cards can be substituted for some of the other symbols which makes it so much easier to make a winning combo. If you’re lucky enough to come across one, that is. Scatter symbols are those which reward you with free spins if they show up on at least 3 reels.

In this game, the wild card and scatter symbol are the Fantastic Four logo and the Earth card respectively.

Upping the Ante

Making things even more interesting, this game employs a 4 step progressive Jackpot. This means that instead of having a fixed Jackpot for all spins of the wheel, the Jackpot will increase every time you press the button – until of course you win the Jackpot. While playing Fantastic Four pokies, you will randomly be entered into a progressive Jackpot, and from then on you have to hit Jackpot before the time is over.To win the Jackpot, the player basically has to match three Jackpot cars from the reels. He or she can choose from Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Ultimate Power. Given the speed of these rounds and the numerous lines players would have to check, the developers of this game have thankfully programmed it to check for Jackpot combinations for the players.

Changing Trends

Understandably, this trend of mixing traditionally prosaic gambling games such as slots and poker with newer, more interesting themes is to rope in a very specific audience. More than anyone else, combinations like these are going to appeal to young adults, from the 18 years+ age gro
up, who are really captivated by superhero themes. However, it is worth mention that it is this same age group which most reports gambling problems. So as much fun as this game may be, it goes without saying that the players should exercise some caution and self-restraint.


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