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LG Refutes “Erroneous” Reporting of the G5 Being Plastic

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LG Refutes “Erroneous” Reporting of the G5 Being Plastic

The LG G5 is meant to be LG’s first all-steel, unibody telephone. It is, of direction, however as a result of a guy on YouTube who likes to damage Nexus 6Ps for a dwelling, scratched a G5 somewhat with a razor blade after mistaking the telephone for plastic and located an entire fats layer of non-steel, sh*t type of hit the fan over whether or not or now not the G5 in reality is steel. Again, it's steel, and LG has issued a reaction to the “faulty” reporting over it now not being steel.

In the remark, LG says that the G5 is “composed of a unique aluminum alloy, LM201.” They have a patent pending on it, by way of the means. 

When protecting a G5, you will be feeling one thing as opposed to steel, even though, as a result of LG is coating the whole telephone with primer to insulate and beef up the surface of it. After including primer, they placed on a “pigment layer” that has “tiny steel debris” in it and almost definitely then amendment the colour to gray, titan, purple, and gold.

The primer is the lead to for the “misguided” reporting, in line with LG. LG says in the remark that when you scratched the hell out of the most sensible layer, you’ll in finding the primer and most likely assume it’s plastic as an alternative of steel. In different phrases, the G5 is made of steel, however LG placed a thick layer of primer and paint on it that would possibly really feel so much like plastic.

Actually, the again panel does really feel so much like plastic. S have the titan, silver, and red variations all on my table at the second and none really feel like they're steel. S understand they're, as a result of the facets no doubt really feel like steel, however the backsides simply don’t really feel adore it. The again has a cushy-contact matte-like end that comes no the place as regards to the steel again of the Nexus 6P, which so much for sure seems like a hunk of steel in hand. The G5 is gentle and…plasticky…so O may just see how anyone may just mistake it for now not being steel.

But once more, LG say it’s steel. Special aluminum alloy, to be actual.


Contrary to faulty reviews on-line that the LG G5 frame consists of plastic, LG want to state unequivocally that the uni-frame casing of the G5 consists of a unique aluminum alloy, LM201 (Feb. 2016 patent pending). LM201 used to be evolved by way of LG in partnership with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology to be used in top-finish sports activities automobiles, plane and shopper digital pducts the place sturdiness, tension and lightness are required. As a die-forged steel, LM201 used to be made up our minds to be so much suitable subject matter to house the curves of the G5. After the die-casting is whole, the insulating antenna slit is implemented right away to the aluminum casing adopted by way of a coating of primer which gives further insulation and complements the surface profile for the “microdizing” procedure, the place pigment containing tiny steel debris is implemented in an instant to the primer to offer a clean and sturdy end. While each anodized aluminum and microdized aluminum will scratch if sufficient drive is implemented, in the case of the G5 the grey primer underneath the pigment layer could also be flawed for plastic while the coloring is scratched off. We need to reassure our consumers that the uni-frame of the LG G5 is complex aluminum alloy, now not plastic.

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