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Latest Pebble Update Removes Dependency on Cloud Services

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Latest Pebble Update Removes Dependency on Cloud Services

When Fitbit announced it was acquiring Pebble, many Pebble house owners most probably had questions on what would occur to the hardware on their wrists. As soon as Pebble’s servers go dark at the end of this year, will the watches simply prevent running? Smartly, an update from Pebble addresses those problems, one that are meant to have all Pebble customers respiring a sigh of aid. 

To sum it up, don’t fear, your Pebble watches will proceed to paintings, even after Pebble’s servers are inevitably close down. In particular, the update gets rid of the dependency Pebble hardware has to Pebble’s cloud products and services. As an example, apps can now be sideloaded simply onto the hardware, and customers may also skip the login procedure totally.

Whilst this can be a just right get started on the subject of permitting the Pebble hardware to are living on after the servers are relieved in their responsibility, there are specific options that depend only on the ones servers to function. Such things as climate, voice dictation and messaging all require get right of entry to to these servers. It’s imaginable Pebble could have but some other update one day to deal with this.

Pebble house owners, I do know you're keen on your watch, however don’t you assume it’s time to get one thing new?

Move clutch that update within the intervening time.

By means of: The Verge

Latest Pebble Update Removes Dependency on Cloud Services is a submit from: Droid Life


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