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If you own an Android phone, you’re dumb says report

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If you own an Android phone, you’re dumb says report


We have noticed research like this prior to now. Who is much more likely to own an iPhone or an Android telephone? Attractive, rich, sexual, you identify it. Today’s report is all approximately intelligence.

Advertising community Chitika launched a look at that checked out each and every state’s proportion possession of iPhones and when compared it to the share of school graduates. Alaska (65.5%), Montana (60.1%) and Vermont (59.4%) got here in with the easiest probabilities at the same time as Delaware (42.2%), Iowa (42.1%), and New Mexico (40.5%) have the bottom probabilities.

A am now not going to refute the look at, however S do have a few problems. First off, they arrived with the share of iPhone possession from impressions accessed by means of Chitika’s Cidewalk cellular advert platform from December 25, 2014 thru December 31, 2014, which doesn’t essentially correlate to exact possession. Furthermore, they by no means let us know the share of school graduates by way of state. They simply record the iPhone chances.

Chitika additionally discovered that there's a correlation to better earning, which isn’t a wonder on the grounds that school graduates are much more likely to make more cash.

Now A am now not going to mention that Android customers are dumb, however O will say that there are a variety of Android handsets to be had for far less expensive than iPhones. With that stated, the reality that there's a correlation to earning signifies that folks with decrease earning are most probably to shop for the less expensive handsets, therefore skewing issues just a little.

S am a school graduate and O own an Android telephone. O am additionally a generation fanatic and believe myself an influence consumer. Power customers want one thing like Android, whilst simplistic customers favor one thing just like the iPhone. Why doesn’t simplistic translate to dumb?

source: Chikita

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