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Google sold over 5.7 million Chromebooks in 2014: Report

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Google sold over 5.7 million Chromebooks in 2014: Report


Research company Gartner has claimed that over 5.728 million devices of the Google Chromebooks have been sold final yr, talking volumes concerning the good fortune of the platform. It is claimed that 72 % of those devices have been sold or presented to instructional establishments, that is encouraging information for Google.

Chromebooks have all the time been most well-liked by way of customers who depend on cloud products and services, much more so in the event that they’re hooked onto Google’s environment. And with Android integration being cooked in lately, Chromebooks are growing to be slightly a fantastic proposition to those that get so much of their process performed from the cloud.

Of path, Google would wish extra shoppers to get their arms on Chromebooks, however that feat can't be accomplished in a single day. One of the the most important elements in the good fortune of the Chromebooks has been the pricing presented via Google, with so much of them falling underneath the $250-300 vary.

The analysis company expected Chromebook gross sales to develop even additional in the approaching years with 7.288 million anticipated to be sold this yr and 7.953 million devices the following yr.

The majority of Chromebook customers are tech-savvy people who acquire one as a significant other tool to their number one workstation or personal computer PC. Others are shopping for a Chromebook for the family to make use of as a 2d low-value PC choice,” stated Isabelle Durand, important analyst at Gartner.

The best elements that have an effect on the adoption of Chromebooks by way of shoppers stay the connectivity factor in rising markets, but in addition the power for customers to keep in mind and get used to cloud-primarily based programs, and stay content material in the cloud and atmosphere.”

Source: Gartner

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