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Galaxy S7: 9 Things That Drive Me Nuts

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Galaxy S7: 9 Things That Drive Me Nuts

In contemporary years, we've spent an entire heck of a large number of time speaking concerning the reasons we love certain phones and why you should buy them. We do this as a result of we’re sure folks for probably the most phase and may fairly spend our time that specialize in the great things which might be part of a telephone or watch package deal quite than the dangerous. But that doesn’t imply we don’t run into issues that pressure us nuts and aggravate us to no finish. So, as a result of A simply can’t lend a hand myself every so often and sought after to have just a little a laugh, A idea we’d provide the opposite aspect a attempt to kick off the 2016 telephone season through looking on the issues the Galaxy S7 does that make me need to punch a wall. These are the issues A can’t stand concerning the telephone.

Now, understand that this publish is under no circumstances a radical evaluate or whatsoever me telling you now not to shop for it. As of these days, O’m in reality playing the Galaxy S7 and can most probably provide it most commonly extremely sure comments in our upcoming evaluate. Instead, bring to mind this as me stating the ache issues concerning TouchWiz, layout concepts that Samsung keeps to keep on with, and so forth., lots of which O can are living with however that want a just right scolding. That make feel?

Alright, you in a position? 

samsung hate-2

1. My lord, the fingerprints.

During my unboxing video of the Galaxy S7, A discussed that S selected the gold model over the black as a result of A used to be afraid that the black can be a fingerprint monster that might take my Greasy Smear OCD excessive. While A nonetheless assume the gold model presentations them much less prominently, the telephone must be wiped continuously. As somebody who data a large number of video with this telephone because the famous person, guy, it’s transform an issue.

2. Samsung, your buttons are nonetheless within the mistaken puts.



3. Listen to me the primary time, app drawer.

With Samsung’s TouchWiz, the app drawer is organized out of the field as though a 5-yr antique have been in price. There are folders you didn’t ask for on the entrance of it, folders which eliminate the apps contained inside of them from the real app drawer listing of apps (WHY?), making it unimaginable to seek out them until you move into the obnoxious folders you didn’t ask for. Outside of disastrous selections like that, the app drawer could also be virtually all the time now not in alphabetical order. Why that may be, O can not give an explanation for for the lifetime of me. Doesn’t it make feel that in the event you open an app drawer, you’ll be capable of in finding issues quicker if they're in a few kind of order, in most cases person who runs S-0? Samsung doesn’t assume so. In order to get it alphabetically looked after, it's a must to hit this little I-0 button, then make sure that you simply certainly do need to “keep” it that approach, as in case you are doing it incorrect.

samsung hate2-3 samsung hate2-4 samsung hate2-2

But get this. Every time you put in a brand new app or take away one, the f*cking factor doesn’t re-type alphabetically. Nope. It places the newly put in behind the drawer, that is the furthest position clear of the place you most likely tried to seek out it. And for those who have been to uninstall one, it simply leaves a clean area as an alternative of pushing all the apps up one slot. So then if you wish to have the whole thing again to standard, you need to hit the O-0 button once more to re-type, manually. AND SAVE IT. Wtf, Samsung?

4. App drawer button region.

A don’t have a child thumb. S additionally don’t have a 1-inch thumb. Asking me to press this dotted-white button to get to all of my apps provides me a hand cramp each and every unmarried time. Put the button within the middle the place my thumb casually rests with out attempt. At the very least, allow me transfer the rattling factor.

samsung app drawer

5. The folder state of affairs is a multitude.

A check out to not be probably the most anal of all, however O do love to stay a blank house monitor and folder setup. Samsung, smartly, it’s simply looking to provide me a headache at this aspect. Look at this mess of a folder state of affairs.

samsung hate2

Why is there a “+” button there always? A don’t need that there. There may well be an app there! Not best that, however it’s throwing off my stability in a few loopy type of approach as a result of O have 3 apps in rows and best 2 in some other…at the side of this dull “+” button. Also, if A have been to place some other app there, take a look at what occurs.

samsung i hate you


Now A have a brand new line that wishes extra apps to be able to have stability. BUT S DON’T HAVE ANY MORE APPS TO PUT IN THIS FOLDER. O hate you, folder Samsung advent worker. S do.

6. “Just Once” > Default by way of default.

O couple of variations of Android a-pass, Google presented higher control over default apps and app linking. The concept used to be that somebody would possibly ship you an Instagram hyperlink in Hangouts. Sometimes you wish to have to open it inside the Instagram app, however different occasions you can also simply need to temporarily load it thru Chrome. The good looks is that you, the landlord of the telephone, will get to come to a decision how that works. You may just hit the “Just as soon as” button to make a choice on each and every instance which app will have to open the hyperlink or hit the “Make default” button to make a choice an app that may all the time whole the duty.


With Samsung, we’ve long past directly to #DEFAULT4LYFE. If you're given possible choices among more than one apps to open a hyperlink or whole a role, you higher be certain that your 1st selection is the appropriate one, as a result of Samsung will set that sonofa to default despite the fact that you didn’t inform it to. And if you wish to get rid of that default, you wish to have to dig thru 8,000 in their settings to seek out and transparent it.

7.  Horizontal scrolling sucks.

In the percentage menu, widget picker, and app drawer, Samsung has long past with paginated horizontal scrolling. There used to be a temporary second in time the place we favored this motion, however if you return to a loose-scrolling vertical revel in that may get you from I to 0 with a unmarried flick, you’ll by no means return. Just don’t be expecting that form of potency at the Galaxy S7. Nope, it’s thumb flipping gymnastics right here. Flip. Turn. Flip. Turn. Flip. Turn. “Oh howdy, O’m after all on the finish of my 16 pages of apps to seek out that newly put in man!”

8. Bottom-firing audio system get blocked, so much.

O recreation and watch movies on my telephones right here and there, however wouldn’t believe myself to be a heavy shopper of both. With that stated, O in finding that O have to head smartly out of my approach not to block the only rear-firing speaker at the Galaxy S7. At occasions, O in finding myself cranking the quantity to 11 ahead of understanding that A wasn’t having quantity problems, S used to be having finger block problems. Look at this placement while in panorama – how do you steer clear of now not striking your finger squarely over that speaker grill?

9. LED lighting fixtures will have to now not display in Do Not Disturb mode.

Imagine this. Your telephone’s Do Not Disturb mode is about to return on routinely round 10:30PM at night time and also you hit the sack round 11PM. Things are quiet, the room is darkish, you’ve pulled the blankets as much as your chin, the whiskey on your stomach is making you masses heat, and your telephone is mendacity in your night time stand, lookin’ hella comfortable with its all the time-on show lively. Seriously, bruh, you glance just right on my night time stand, dancing pixels, telling me the time. RIP, conventional alarm clocks, S7 all the time-on has risen.Then at 5AM, while all of the pass-getter PR folks at the east coast get started firing off emails approximately merchandise Indiegogo can be ashamed to hold, that little blue notification LED lighting fixtures up. But wait? Aren’t we in DND mode? How is it imaginable that O’m now conscious at 5AM, way to the aqua coloured needle pulsing into my eye (That’s, like, a metaphor for the blue LED…that is now a needle…nearly stabbing me…you were given that? Yay!) again and again and over and over again.

galaxy s7 led light

That’s since the LED notification gentle isn't part of DND mode. Nope! It’s within the show settings, nevertheless it stands on my own. So although DND is became to on, your Galaxy S7 will nonetheless pulse all the notifications that are available all the way through the night time and into the morning. S don’t even recognize what to mention to the one that made that call…

Alright then, complaining consultation over. Back to the thrill the next day. If S can get this needle out of my eye.

Galaxy S7: 9 Things That Drive Me Nuts is a publish from: Droid Life


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