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Fashion Retail Concept Store Launched on Google Cardboard

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Fashion Retail Concept Store Launched on Google Cardboard


Google Cardboard is among the lesser-recognized services in Google’s huge portfolio of products and services, however as digital fact keeps making inroads into the mainstream zeitgeist, Cardboard has an excellent chance at changing into a mainstay.

For the uninitiated, Cardboard is an austere means at digital fact, the use of more than a few cardboard goggle apparatuses, an Android telephone, and the Cardboard tool. Now, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute has introduced a digital fact type idea retailer on the Cardboard platform.

This would possibly sound foolish to a few, however the retailer’s supervisor, Rosiane Kuijper, feels in a different way:

“Many type manufacturers were exploring digital fact to construct a bridge among the virtual and the bodily…. The millennial era seeks publish-virtual reports, so omnichannel as a technique is rising. I excursion of byAMFI in digital fact is an cutting edge step in the best course.”

Fashion manufacturers like being at the leading edge of technological innovation, so in all probability AMFI stands to draw a couple of extra adherents to its logo by way of providing digital retailer excursions on Cardboard.

Source: ArtsThread

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