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Facebook Is Developing VR Apps, Because VR

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Facebook Is Developing VR Apps, Because VR


Facebook-chris-coxIn a transfer that are meant to come as little wonder within the wake of final yr’s $2 billion acquisition of digital fact company Oculus, Facebook head of product Chris Cox admitted that Facebook is “running on apps for VR.” What precisely which will entail is any person’s bet, as Cox demurred elaborating at the topic, however he does see an international the place customers can switch environments with different customers by means of an app. And, in fact, everybody will do it, together with Beyoncé.

Naturally, we shouldn’t be expecting those apps every time quickly. Cox admits that, “We’re far from everybody having [VR] headsets.” Still, Facebook’s preliminary foray into digital fact were spectacular, and shopping for Oculus used to be obviously now not a few impulse purchase rooted within the tiny VR wave that crested in mid-2014.

So one day in the following few years, you are going to most probably have the privilege of sitting on your front room, all of the circle of relatives dressed in VR headsets, and playing the feel of group and function that most effective comes thru VR circle of relatives time.

Source: The Verge

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