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Facebook giving users more control of what happens after they die

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Facebook giving users more control of what happens after they die



We have all the time concerned approximately what happens with our possessions after we die, however the twenty first century has given us any other factor to be keen on….our on-line lifestyles. Google has already added controls for your Gmail account within the adventure that you simply die, and now Facebook is becoming a member of the birthday party.

Facebook already had one thing in position in that anyone may just document your dying and your account may turn into memorialized, which freezes the account, preventing to any extent further posts or adjustments. For many Facebook users, that wasn’t sufficient, so beginning nowadays, you will have to see a brand new choice on your safety settings in order to permit you to make a choice anyone else to take over handling your account for those who do cross.

You may have 3 choices that you'll be able to make a choice from:

  • Do not anything, which assists in keeping the unique way in position in that any person can document your dying and your account will me memorialized.
  • Delete your account
  • Designate a legacy touch, that is any person so as to be capable of handle your account. Once Facebook is mindful of your demise, your timeline will amendment to allow other folks realize you've died. They will do that via including “Remembering” simply prior to your identify.


This legacy touch will have to be a Facebook consumer and they will have the ability to publish messages and alter the profile image or duvet photograph. They may also be capable of obtain an archive of your Facebook knowledge.

This new function is rolling out to G.O. users first.

Just one more factor to do whilst making ready for the inevitable.

source: Washington Post

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