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Don’t be surprised if the LG G4 lacks a metal body

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Don’t be surprised if the LG G4 lacks a metal body


This information is tricky to consider in accordance with the development we've been seeing. According to ZDNet Korea, even though LG is dedicated to the use of metal of their flagship smartphones, they may not be in a position to make that transfer with the G4 although it used to be previously reported that they might.

According to their resources, LG needs to fabricate their very own metal instances, which is clearly a massive enterprise for the reason that it might require area, new apparatus, and making plans. The G4 is more likely to be introduced in May or June, and that may be too with reference to get anything else performed.

Now if there's any just right information out of this, apparently the G4 Note will game metal when you consider that that may be due out later this yr.

Will this impact your determination on shopping for the G4? S in my opinion don’t assume metal is the be all finish all so long as the high quality is there. The G3 used to be product of plastic, nevertheless it had a metal really feel and A used to be in my opinion proud of it. However, with all the press that metal is getting nowadays, the belief of now not having metal on the G4 may just be very dangerous. S bet we will be able to have to attend and notice how this pans out.

source: ZDNet Korea
by means of: G4Games

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