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DJI Zenmuse X7 Drone with First 35mm Camera lens Launched

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DJI Zenmuse X7 Drone with First 35mm Camera lens Launched

The day prior to this, you can find perceived that it's the environment¬ really8217;s first severely 35millimeters dissonant murmur video camera for areal cinematography. Now, the DJI has according to protocol previewed Zenmuse X7 murmur video camera that goes with a 35millimeters lens. It has been coming in at dollars2699, and clients could also spend money on 16millimeters, 24millimeters and 35millimeters video camera lens for dollars1299 each and 50millimeters video camera lens present you with a pricetag of dollars1199. If you need to spend money on all major connections? It has been providing a basket of cost of dollars4299. The distribution will be getting for the upcoming clients that are caused by the first in a month and so on then, the moisturisers will be used in DJI boutiques in multinational.

The DJI Zenmuse X7 murmur video camera can be doing the job with DJIs Invite 2 murmur, adds the most suitable match cinema-quality areal video files obtain. It definitely comes with a 23.5 millimeters by 12.5 millimeters Definitely 35 detector, adds better colors filming life experience. Besides, it ought used a 14-stop convincing scope plus built in searching for video camera, which helps burst video footage at 6K Movie DNG Fresh raw or 5.2K Apple computers store ProRes professional recording at 30 frame rates and 3.9K DNG Fresh raw or 2.7K ProRes professional recording at 59.94 frame rates. Also, this murmur is creating an exchangeable lens which has 16millimeters, 24millimeters, 35millimeters and 50millimeters main sizes, that surrounded with f/2.8 gap.

DJI Zenmuse X7 Drone Camera Characteristics:

  • Definitely 35millimeters detector
  • 23.5*15.7mm(APS-C kind), 3:2, 3.91that's, CF=1.5
  • 23.5*12.5mm (S35millimeters kind), 16:9, CF=1.6
  • Four Principal connections
  • DJI DL-S 16millimeters F2.8 ND ASPH 24millimeters
  • DJI DL 24millimeters F2.8 These ASPH 36millimeters
  • DJI DL 35millimeters F2.8 These ASPH 53millimeters
  • DJI DL 50millimeters F2.8 These ASPH 75millimeters

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