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Crescent Moon Games Releases new 2-bit Cowboy game

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Crescent Moon Games Releases new 2-bit Cowboy game

2bit-cowboyCrescent Moon Games has made a Gameboy-taste unfashionable game referred to as 2-bit Cowboy. The 2D game gives massive ranges to discover, customizable characters, and Gameboy taste pix. You play as a sheriff within the the city, traveling after dangerous men and hidden treasures, all of the whilst exploring the game’s global.

The game will knock you again a greenback, however when you’re on the lookout for a top quality game to recreate your vintage Gameboy gaming reviews, glance no additional. The game is logo new available on the market, so you'll be somewhat of a guinea pig, however it has already won favorable critiques from a large number of gaming evaluate web sites, so you'll be able to be quite assured you'll get a top quality gaming revel in. Follow the hyperlink under to get the game and get began at the a laugh of exploring the new global!

2bit-cowboy-gal2 2bit-cowboy-gal1 2bit-cowboy-gal5 2bit-cowboy-gal4 2bit-cowboy-gal3

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