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Android Feature Request: Let Us “User-Initiate” App Updates on Google Play, Just Like System Updates

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Android Feature Request: Let Us “User-Initiate” App Updates on Google Play, Just Like System Updates

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The creation of staged rollouts for Android apps is almost certainly my least favourite Android going down within the historical past of protecting this business. Whilst I’m absolutely acutely aware of the reasoning for them to exist (act as a check staff, catch insects early prior to everybody will get them, don’t wreck everybody’s phone, and many others.), they completely took virtually the entire amusing out of Android apps and the way in which we came upon new options and shared giant adjustments with one any other, right through the protected outlet this is Google Play.

On this newest version of Android Feature Request, I feel I've an concept that would deliver again a few of that amusing, whilst nonetheless permitting staged rollouts to exist. And I feel that may occur through taking a web page out of a recent change to Android system updates: user-initiated flags and a “Test for update” button on Android apps. In different phrases, allow us to manually take a look at for updates on apps similar to we now can with device updates and think the danger.

Deliver the thrill again, make all of it more secure

This reputedly smallish alternate would truly assist to make Android app updates amusing once more, nevertheless it’ll additionally give a boost to safety round Android. At this time, we pay attention about an update from Google or a developer, one who introduces a brand new UI or function we wish, head into Google Play to test for it, and generally stroll away dissatisfied that it’s no longer to be had. After which anyone on Twitter says she or he were given it. Then anyone else says they did too. But right here’s you, no longer ready to experience the brand new Auto-HDR function or take advantage of system updates or those new AR Stickers or that new UI.

What do you do? Neatly, it is advisable take a seat again and disregard in regards to the update till you in the end see it days if no longer weeks later. By way of then, that new coolness is now not contemporary and funky and you're in the back of numerous others on your apps’ reviews. You need to additionally head on over in your native .apk host and clutch the record. In that scenario, you're assuming the record you're downloading is reliable, no longer a horrifying piece of malware, and the correct record that won't do hurt in your phone. Certain, there are faithful choices in the market to seek out those information (like this one), however there are no less than a handful of others that can display up in Google Seek effects whilst you cross to seek out that early .apk that I’m no longer positive are on the up-and-up.

Will have to Google give us a “take a look at for update” button on Google Play and make allowance for that user-initiated flag to paintings adore it does for device updates, it cleans this all up. The folks that sideload .apk information are those who know that an update is to be had and wish it it doesn't matter what. However as a result of Google doesn’t lately permit for us to power an update via Google Play, many have needed to get them in other places. That’s no longer precisely an ideal resolution and I’m in fact shocked that Google has allowed it to happen on this degree for this lengthy.

Every yr, Google places out reports that detail the steps they have taken to struggle malware and unhealthy developers on Google Play. Inside the ones experiences, additionally they virtually all the time indicate the truth that Android customers should stick to Google Play for their apps and no longer cross having a look outdoor at third celebration retail outlets (or on .apk websites). This reputedly minor alternate may just assist get Android customers to do exactly that – keep on with Google Play.

“Test for update” on Android apps too

How would that paintings? Just like it does for system updates. Here's the reason from Googler Elliott Hughes when he mentioned this alteration for the ones:

When a tool assessments in since you’ve in particular requested it to, we flag that that is user-initiated and so that you’re no longer matter to the standard boundaries. So even though we’re at 1% rollout and 1% of customers have already got the update, in case you manually take a look at you’ll nonetheless be introduced it, although a background take a look at on the identical time wouldn’t.

There are two issues to damage down right here. 1) Staged rollouts nonetheless occur even with this alteration. Most of the people, received’t get an update instantly and must wait their flip in line as a result of they received’t fall into that early proportion that will get fortunate. As an alternative, they’ll like get the update with a larger push, as soon as Google is happy with the update and makes a decision to open it as much as everybody. 2) Until in fact, they faucet the “Test for update” button, which Google flags as a “user-initiated” motion. That motion is in some way you announcing, “I’m within the know, I’ll take the danger, give me this update now,” to which Google obliges.

That might paintings the similar for Android app updates. You've gotten a developer who has set a specific rollout for a major app update, however there may well be an extra flag from Google within the developer console that provides developers the ability to permit customers of its app a “user-initiated” flag to drag the update anyway. Like with device updates, the consumer is mindful that an update is to be had and desires to drag it even though it’s in a gradual rollout.

google play check for updates

Delicate Google Play tweak to make it occur

To ensure that this to occur, there clearly would need to be no longer best that vary to the developer console, however no less than one to Google Play as smartly. At this time, we've got a button within the “My apps & video games” phase that refreshes your apps and assessments to peer that updates are to be had to you. Sadly, this isn’t the similar form of user-initiated motion that I’m speaking about. That is truly only a refresh button to peer that apps have updates and that if there's a staged rollout in growth, you qualify to obtain them.

Google may just do a few issues right here. For one, they might flip that already-implemented button into what I’m describing. In fact, that’s almost certainly no longer the most productive resolution since it might take a look at your whole apps and help you bypass rollouts for all of them with a unmarried button. So the second one choice would almost certainly be to incorporate a “take a look at for update” button inside particular person app listings. That method, it’s a particular user-initiated motion that would power via an update consumer is calling for on an app-by-app foundation.

Let’s do it, Google.

Android Feature Request: Let Us “User-Initiate” App Updates on Google Play, Just Like System Updates is a submit from: Droid Life


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