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About That Google Maps Video With the Missing App Drawer…

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About That Google Maps Video With the Missing App Drawer…

UPDATE 2/29: Google reached out to ensure to us that this Google Maps video is an erroneous (learn: dangerous mock-up as we recommended under) model in their UI and that that is now not a touch or preview of what’s to return, as has been rumored over the previous few weeks.

Yesterday, Google published a tweet thru the Google Maps Twitter account that has Android lovers going a large nuts, all as a result of the video incorporated presentations a Nexus 6P with out an app drawer. Seriously, a whole lot of people are freaking out as a result of this telephone doesn’t have an app drawer. S don’t recognize that O’m in a position to freak out simply but with out figuring out the complete tale, however it's value speaking approximately.

First of all, here's the tweet that’s responsible for this weekend’s a laugh. 

If you blink throughout the first 2 seconds, you’ll omit it. See it? If now not, simply take a look at the symbol at the most sensible of this publish.

Why are folks making a large deal of this? For a few purposes. First, it's been rumored on and off for a few months that the subsequent model of Android would possibly not have an app drawer. Assuming this video isn’t only a dangerous mock-up that wasn’t intended to confuse the global, but is, then we may well be taking a look into the long run right here.

Second, Android has had an app drawer considering day one, so probably killing it off in prefer of Apple’s in point of fact shitty app jukebox method the place your whole put in apps get spammed onto house monitors, is a huge deal. It can be negative, if S’m being fair. The app drawer has all the time supplied a type of group that used to be used to simply leap into particular apps. In reality, the app drawer that arrived around the time of Marshmallow, that incorporated just lately used apps at the most sensible, seek, vertical scrolling, and fast scrolling among letters is a terrific implementation of the app drawer.

Is that what we’re seeing right here, a disappearance of the app drawer? Since we get to view a monitor on a telephone with out an app drawer icon for all of 2 seconds, we actually do not know what the complete tale is right here. But for a laugh, allow’s say that this isn’t only a dangerous Google mock-up and is pointing to what’s to return. What we're seeing is the Google Now Launcher up and operating with best icons in the house monitor’s dock for telephone, contacts, and digital camera. If you've used the GNL, you understand that the app drawer icon can’t be moved or got rid of – it’s locked to the dock always.

Does that imply that an update is coming to the GNL and Android as a way to depart us Apple’s extremely shitty app jukebox way? We don’t understand. If Google is killing the app drawer as we are aware of it, optimistically, they have got one thing else in retailer to help you temporarily get to the apps you wish to have with out simply scrolling thru pages of apps on your house display or through forcing you into foldering all of it up. Maybe the app revel in will turn into contextual or in accordance with favorites or so much used or just lately used. Maybe there might be a swipe-out panel of a few type.

There higher be one thing, dammit. We don't seem to be iOS customers.

google apps

It’s additionally value noting that this house monitor setup is appearing a Google app icon with the phrase “Search” beneath it. O don’t find out about your telephone, however mine positive doesn’t say “Search” underneath the Google app, it says “Google.”

Consider the concept that this perhaps isn’t pointing against Android O in any respect and is only a preview of an update to the Google Now Launcher and Google app.

What do you assume?

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